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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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You may have noticed that I am always blogging about and there are so many reasons I love Chewy and how convenient it is. So I wanted to put together a list to let you guys know why I love Chewy so much and why you may benefit from it as well.

Fast Shipping
I swear no sooner do I order what I need, does it arrive at my door.  It not only saves me the hassle of running to the pet store but it's so nice to know I can get the products I need within a day or two.  Plus shipping is free over $50.

Pee Pads
When you have small dogs like I do, you go through pee pads as if they were diapers.  When I go to pet stores I never find the size and high quality I need so that's why I just turn to Chewy now and I'm never disappointed. 

Dog Food
There are SO many kinds of dog foods available.  Sometimes I buy the same old thing but sometimes I switch it up and try new things and I love that it's so easy and convenient for me to browse from the comfort of my own home. Recently I tried Natural Balance Chicken & Sweet Potato Tubs for Rocky and he LOVES THEM! It's full of shreds of high-quality chicken in brother and is grain free and comes in the most convenient size for him!

Dog Treats
No matter what the occassion, I can always find amazing treats, especially healthier all natural alternatives

Dog Supplies
Don't think it's just food and treats from Chewy.  No way! I get toothpaste, toothbrushes, flea and tick treatment, collars, bowls, leashes, grooming supplies, and much much more from Chewy.  

So if you want one less errand to run every week or every month, check out Chewy and even look into the possibility of Autoship! 

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  1. I'm going to have to tell my friend about this site.

  2. I just placed my first order with them recently and I was happily surprised by their prices! What pee pads do you get? I need them for my old girl, she can't always hold it all day while we're all at work, poor thing.

    1. I get these ones They are an extra large size and they are super strong!!


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