Why I'm Obsessed With My Vacuum

Monday, November 21, 2016

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One of the perks of blogging is that I get to try out new products.   Usually it goes very well but from time to time there is a product or service that I am ecstatic about and I become so obsessed with it.  And right now, that product is the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology.

When this beast arrived I immediately unboxed it and was pleased to find how easy it was to put it together.  There were literally just a few steps and the instructions were really easy to follow. I also realized how lightweight this vacuum is and it's REALLY nice because it makes it even easier to clean the house twice a week.

The size of the head of the vacuum is ideal for pretty much every room and corner in my home.  It bends and curves so smooth and easily which is great for getting in hard to reach spots.  I love that this isn't a bulky tool. It works so great when I have to go underneath tables and in between table legs. 

So the really cool thing is that the top park disconnects and can be used on it's own with the included attachments to clean bookshelves, vents, drapes, car interor,  ceiling fans, and upholstery. The attachments are amazing!  There's a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a pet upholstery tool, and an under appliance wand. 

And of course the Shark Rocket Complete has DuoClean Technology which means it has one vacuum but two brushrolls and it works on all sizes of particles on your floors whether they are large, small, or stuck-on.  The soft brushroll works on carpets and floors and does an exceptional job on each.  The bristle brushroll works amazing on carpets to deep clean and remove embedded fine dirt.  It also has a high-velocity suction channel for on floors.

I really love everything about this vacuum.  The pet upholstery tool is perfect for my furniture since I have 4 dogs that love cuddling on the couch with me.  I've never enjoyed vacuuming so much and I've never found it to be so easy.  There's even a wall mount to store the Shark Rocket Complete when I'm finished. 

Seriously, as a homeowner I am obsessed with this vacuum!   Make sure you put this on your Christmas list!   It's only $199.75! So worth the money for everything it does.

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