The Special Meaning of Simple Things + A Giveaway

Friday, November 11, 2016

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Everyone has that one crazy dog lover in their life.  Or maybe you have many.  But for my friends I am definitely the crazy person that would literally jump in front of a bullet to save her dogs.  I always think of creative ways to show off my pups, too.

For instance...

I get their nose prints made into jewelry and/or keychains...

I have their faces put on canvas all around my home....
I even have their paw prints tattooed on my body for crying out loud!

And now, I have their faces on pillows!

That's right... but let me explain why.

Rocky is my special little man and he loves to cuddle and lay with me.  I mean he literally lets me cradle him in my arms when I watch TV every night. I know that someday he won't be around to do that anymore and I have no idea what I'll do.   But then I realized....  

I can still snuggle with his cute face, and get the same view that I get when he's staring up at me, if I just put his face on a pillow.  I love displaying this in my office/reading room right now but eventually (hopefully a long way down the road) I can cuddle the pillow and see little Rockman's face. 

So guess what?! is giving one lucky winner a free 16x16 outdoor pillow with their choice of photo on it :) 
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  1. I love your paw prints tattoo. I've always wanted to get paw prints on my feet but have yet to go. Pillows are adorable girl!

  2. I would love to get a pillow with a picture of a recent trip we took to seattle on it. (:


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