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Friday, December 2, 2016

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If you know me in real life, you know that I often use my dogs as an excuse to be a hermit. I hate leaving them. I always feel guilty.  

Well if you are like me then have no fear any longer beacuse thanks to  PetChatz HD you can go out but still keep in touch with your precious pets!  PetChatz HD allows you to connect from anywhere even when you aren't physically home.  It's an interactive way to talk to them which is more than just watching them on a webcam. With PetChatz HD you can actually give them attention and interact in real time.  There are no monthly fees - it's free unlimited chat time.  PetChatz HD is made of super durable materials that are pet safe and PetChatz HD mounts directly over an outlet and gets screwed securely onto a wall stud.  That means your dog can't go trying to pull it off.  Plus, there are no corners, edges, or electrical cords that can be chewed. 
You can actually dispense a treat (one of the all-natural PetChatz HD ones) with the click of a button on the app or from your computer.   And you can dispense a calming scent that's created specifically for PetChatz HD to give them a sense of security. You can even use your own scents.  PetChatz HD has alerts that you can set up for motion and sound so you will always know when your pets are up and about and you can even tune in to make sure there are no accidents happening.   Setting up PetChatz HD is so easy it just takes a few minutes. It's Wi-Fi compatible so you aren't restricted to where you can place it and it's so easy to use with the web and mobile apps.

Plus you can actually train your pet to call you over PetChatz HD system by pressing the PawCall button, which is an optional accessory that's compatible with PetChatz HD.  

So one of you lucky folks is going to win a PetChatz HD unit of your very own! Just in time for the holidays when you can attend festive events AND keep an eye on your furkids!

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  1. I'm exactly like you, always feeling guilty if I leave them or I'm longer than I plan to be. I even often bail on things because I prefer my dogs over most people!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  2. This would be amazing! I have such anxiety when I leave the dogs, and it often prevents me from going anywhere with the hubby, which doesn't make him happy! What a great idea! Fingers crossed for me that I win :)

  3. I would love to win this. So awesome!!


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