Thanksgiving 2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016

So my Thanksgiving was a bit different this year.  James had oral surgery on Wednesday so he was really out of it on Thanksgiving day but was still able to eat a lot what I  had made.  So for all you nosy folks like me, who love seeing how other people live their's how my Thanksgiving was.

 Here's my obligatory Thanksgiving dinner plate photo. HA!
 I made a gluten free sweet potato casserole that was absolutely delicious! This was a definite yes for James since he really needed soft foods. I also wanted to avoid regular potatoes since I'm working on my diet.

 I also made a gluten free green bean casserole which I make every year.  I use gluten free creamy mushroom soup and funyuns.
 My mom helped by buying a small turkey and preparing it at her house and then just bringing the sliced meat over.  Do you looooove my Pioneer Woman serving platter?
 Yes, I am well aware that I didn't set the utensils properly. I don't care. I was so swamped with taking care of James and everything. I just wanted everyone to eat and enjoy themselves.
 I made delicious stuffing in the crockpot and enjoyed serving it out of my Pioneer Woman dish!
 Dessert was a homemade pumpkin pie by yours truly of course!

 And yes I'm also well aware that I could have made my own cranberry sauce but like I said... it was hectic!

And did I shop on Black Friday? Well... I did run out at 5 pm Friday evening to get this Pioneer Woman set for just $89! I'm in heaven!

Now check back next week because I want to show you how I decorated my home for Christmas!

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  1. Ok girlfriend! Your dish looks fabulous except for that damned cranberry sauce in a can!! You do EVERYTHING!! You work on your house, etc, etc, etc, next year make it!! You just boil the cranberries on the stove with mandarin oranges, some sugar (I add an entire bottle of red wine!), (you can use about 4 bags of cranberries and you can give some away), cinnamon and that is it! Easy peasy and it is cooked within about a half hour. You can do other things while it is cooking and your house smells heavenly while it is cooking! I better see it homemade next year! Just sayin! Love you! xoxoxo DakotasDen

    1. LOl i can def make it next year. it was so crazy with james' oral surgery the day before thanksgiving. I was soooo exhausted because i was playing nurse for him!

  2. Glad you had a great thanksgiving.


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