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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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Hello Hello and here we are again at the end of another month and I have another selection of great books for you that I've read this month!

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Oh Em Gee I absolutely LOVED this book!! Do you remember in the movie Castaway when Tom Hanks comes home and goes to his former wife's house and sees how she's moved on.  But she's still confused and so is her and remember how you felt watching that scene where she basically had to make a choice?  Now imagine that someone wrote a book specifically about that struggle...well that's what this book is.  Jesse gets lost at sea and Emma has to move on and when she does she finds the new love of her life, Sam.  But suddenly Jesse is back.  She now has to make a choice.  Who will she choose and will it be an easy decision?  This book was such an easy read as well!

Cruel Beautiful World by Caroline Leavitt
This is one of those books that takes place in the 70's and it's about a girl that falls in love with an older man who turns out to be a monster.  Will she get away?  

Forever by Judy Blume
Okay, I know this is totally a book for teenagers but I never read it. And OMG it was amazing and totally brought me back to those first time emotions and feelings of love and lust.  This is a must read for every female at any age.

Above by Isla Morley
This book is really really interesting and very hard to put down. It reminds me of that Cloverfield Lane movie. Basically a girl is kept in a shelter underground and you go through the book trying to figure out if the guy keeping her there is brilliant or just a sicko.  Seriously, this is a thrilling read!

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid
This book is about a trial separation and I just love how the author captures all of the emotions that we experience both in a relationship and during a break up. It's a very easy read and it's an amazing story line.

Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino
This is a great little love story (and I'm normally not a fan of them because I assume they are all sappy) about a boy and a girl that grow up together and are then separated. Then the boy writes a book about what could have happened and the girl reads it.  And I'm only leaving it at that because you HAVE to read it and find out the rest yourself.  

 It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
This is an amazing novel about family patterns, how hard it is to break them, domestic abuse, and how our pasts stay with us. I don't even want to try to explain more but just know that I read this book in a day!   

Wild and Precious Life by Deborah Ziegler
Do you remember Brittany Maynard? A couple years back she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  She chose to end her life on her own terms.  Her story is beautiful and her mother carries on the story through this book.  MUST READ!! AMAZING! It makes you realize how petty we can all be sometimes.

All The Wonderful and Ugly Things by Bryn Greenwood 
This book is a great! I was so captivated by the story line. Told over several decades and different point of views,  it's a tale of forbidden love and family drama.   I love the grittiness of it! 

People Who Knew Me by Kim Hooper
I read this in one sitting because I could not put it down! It's the story of a woman whose life is essentially changed forever after 9/11 but it's her own doing in a way.  Over a decade later her past is catching up with her.  It's also got a realistic love affair which I really indulged in.  

That's all for this month! Have you read any of these?  

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  1. Ooooh I love book suggestions!! I just bought All The Wonderful and Ugly Things and a few of those others I sent samples to my iPad - thanks!! Happy Holidays, Ellen!!

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think!!! And PS if you purchase through my links I get a kick back for being an Amazon Affiliate :)


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