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Monday, December 19, 2016

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My closet tour post seemed like a really big hit so I decided to do a kitchen tour as well! As I said in my closet post, I'm going to be realistic and show you what my kitchen looks like all the time.  Everything is not perfectly neat and tidy.  Because I'm a real live human.  So while it is very tidy thanks to the KonMari Method of course, it still isn't perfect.

This is the kitchen.  In all it's glory.

The kitchen is next to the the dining room so on the other side of the counter space on the left hand side of the above photos, the cupboards actually open from the dining room as well. 

First let me just tell you that one of the reasons I love being in my kitchen so much is because it's comfortable and has everything I need.  It even has the most comfortable mat ever. This is actually from Wellness Mats.  You can have it customized with your own letter and you can ever choose the design and color. It's so comfortable to stand on this mat and it even has a 20 year warranty!
Under the sink is the supply cupboard. I have a supply closet that is in a different area but this supply spot has dish detergent, hand soaps, kitchen wipes and cleaners, trash bags, and scrub brushes.  It also has 2 cleaning buckets.  I still have plenty of space underneath here.
To the right of the sink, the cupboards start.  Up top is an interesting cupboard. The bottom shelf has 2 baskets. In the white basket are my Belvita Bites that I have for breakfast every morning.  In the blue bin is cookie mix. I make cookies to give as gifts to people like the mailman and different staff at work.  

The shelf above that contains James' food.  He can't have gluten so he keeps several gluten free goodies here.  The shelf above that is where I keep crackers, honey, and syrup. 
This is where the plates and bowls go.  That's all of 'em!
Here you will find flour, sugar, spices, and other ingredients used for baking.

This cupboard is for drink ware.  The bottom shelf has glasses and cups.  The middle shelf is for coffee mugs, and the top shelf is for blender cups, protein shake bottles, and on-the-go coffee thermoses. 
To the one side of the oven there's a single cupboard where I keep the dog food and extra dog bowls.
Above that is the drawer for utensils and knives. All knives have a cover on them to protect the blades.
On the other side of the oven there is a skinny drawer where I keep coffee k-cups.
Next to that drawer is another tiny drawer where I keep the few kitchen towels I own, potholders, and trivets.
To the left of the sink I keep all of my cutting boards, cooling racks, a rolling pin, and my muffin tins.
Above that is another tiny drawer where I keep baggies.
Next to that is a tiny drawer where I keep wine stoppers, wraps and foils, and my wine opener.
This drawer holds general kitchen tools.
This is my utility drawer. I don't have a junk drawer.  This drawer has scissors, pens, a ruler, cigar things for James, a note pad, corn cob holders, and chip clips.
Below that is the cupboard that opens in the kitchen and in the dining room.  It has pots, pans, some sharper kitchen tools, and excess serving ware.  
There's also a small cupboard in the kitchen where I keep the rice cooker, food processor, hand mixer, and a slap chop.  The slap chop and hand mixer are in the bins on the top shelf that way all their pieces stay together.
This is one of the cupboards up top on the part of the kitchen that opens in the dining room.  This section has food storage containers.
Vitamins, pastas, rices, and some canned goods are in this part as well as a bin of chicken stock and baking foods like chocolate chips and coconut flakes.
The next section has more canned goods, rices, and some of James' snack foods that he brings to work.
There are a few drawers that open in the dining room.  One drawer is for my recipe binder and meal plan calendar.

Another drawer has bamboo skewers, a lighter and outdoor (orange slice) coasters for use in the porch, candle plates, cards, tape, and instructions on how to use some of my kitchen tools. 

The cupboard below these drawers opens in the kitchen too. It has pots and pans on the other side but this side has special occasion stuff like giant bowls to serve things in, a cake containers, a salad spinner, and my baking dishes.
Then there is a cupboard that only opens in the dining room.  I keep some cookbooks, cookie cutters, sodas, and empty jars and vases in there.
There's another little cupboard on it's own and it has my crockpot, stand mixer, and deep fryer.
Above that is a drawer where I keep the dog items.
On top of the fridge are some commonly used dog treats and James' lunch box and water bottles.
And of course how do I organize my cold stuff? Well... in these little bins.  Bottom shelf is meats, top shelf has a box of burgers, a turkey leg, a container of frozen blueberries, and 2 boxes of my dessert every night - chocolate covered banana dippers.

Freezer door contains frozen veggies on the bottom and James' gluten free frozen stuff on the top shelf.
So interesting !

On the counter we keep the most commonly used large kitchen utensils and my Pioneer Woman knife block!

Under the oven are the baking racks and pans.

So there you have it.... now you've snooped around my kitchen and seen how interesting my life is. Ha! 

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  1. Love seeing the inside of your kitchen Have a great week.

  2. You are EXTREMELY neat, tidy and organized..........if you are planning on having kids...I can't WAIT to see if you are able to maintain your standards!! xoxo DakotasDen

    1. James and me won't be having any kids :) So I def will be maintaining this haha


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