How To Get a Great Holiday Makeup Look

Friday, December 16, 2016

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Tis the season for parties and celebrations!    Along with that comes the decision of what outfit you'll wear, how you will style your hair, and how you'll do your make up.  Well GA-DE Cosmetics has made that easy for me so today I'm going to show you what's in my makeup bag and how I use it all for my regular makeup routine.  

Now before I start, let me just say that GA-DE Cosmetics is a brand that offers makeup, skincare products, and fragrances.  It's meant to make you not only look beautiful but feel beautiful.  They have a range of products for all skin types and their makeup is practical and wearable whether it's for an everyday look or an elegant special occasion look.

 So let's take a look at GA-DE's Fall 2016 Collection.   It's full of down to earth hues that give you a soft yet beautiful look. 

Basics Matte Eyeshadow Palette
I absolutely LOVE this palette! The earthy tones are perfect for pretty much every look I want. They are all neutral tones too so I don't have to worry about anything clashing with the rest of my look.  This is a must have for every girl!  

I love how it lasts all day and night! 

 Idyllic Soft Satin Lipstick
These lipsticks are so ideal for this time of year.  The lighter one (Bare Chic) I use as an everyday look.  The darker one (Wine Divine) is perfect for an evening look or a holiday party.   They don't dry my lips out either.
Idyllic High Definition Volume & Length Mascara and High Precision Matte Eyeliner
I am OBSESSED with this eyeliner!   It is so smooth and gives an amazing touch of elegance to my look.  It's long lasting so it can go all day at the office into the evening at a holiday party.   And the mascara really lifts and lengthens my lashes.  It actually isolates each lash so it really makes my eyes pop.  It's perfect for date night!
I just love this eyeliner and mascara.  It stays on ALL day even after my workouts! 

Also, I have a coupon code for you guys.   If you use the code GDGIFT10 you can get $10 off any $20 purchase at check out.  This offer expires 12/31/16.

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