My Official Closet Tour

Monday, December 5, 2016

I am so obsessed with touring people's homes and closets through their social media and blogs so I figured it was probably time for me to do a tour of my own closet.   

Now let me start off by saying that I'm not one of those people that's going to go hog wild and make sure everything is perfect straight, tidy, and beautiful.  That's just not realistic and I like to keep it real so everything you see in today's post is exactly how it looks all the time - every single day.  No exceptions.  That being said, I'm definitely a tidy person especially now that I've done the KonMari Method.  

Also, my entire second bedroom is basically my "get ready room" where my clothing, dresser, makeup vanity, and jewelry are kept.  So you are basically going to get a tour of my whole second bedroom but also know that I only have one simple closet.  I don't keep off season clothes anywhere but in here.  I also don't have a walk-in closet.  So instead of showing you every corner of my non existent walk-in closet, I'll be showing you every section of clothing and items in each area of my regular closet. 

So without further ado...

So let's start with my actual clothing and stuff....

 The right side of my closet has a bar that's a bit lower so the shorter items go on there... including tops, jackets, and lounge shirts. 


The first section on the right side of the closet is where I keep my outfits for the week. I found these little closet organizer tab templates on etsy years and years ago and I printed them out, laminated them with tape, and use them for each day of the week.   Then on Sunday every week I go through the daily weather forecast on my phone and see what the weather will be like and then choose my outfit accordingly.  Sometimes I even go as far as choosing jewelry and placing it over the hanger with the corresponding outfit! 

The next section  is where I hang my jackets (jean, leather, and zip up hooded tops) and then comes my jeans and pants. 


 I only have two pairs of denim jeans hanging because the other ones are all set out in the outfits for the week section.

 Since it's Fall/Winter,  the next section is my sweaters, of which I only have about 3 or 4, then my long sleeve tops (3 or 4 of those as well), then blouses and flannels (maybe 10 of those), and then short sleeve tops (10 of those).  I layer a lot in the cooler months so there's no need to put my short sleeve tops away. 

 And then comes my tunic tops (only 3 or 4), my 3/4 length tops (5 of those maybe), and finally my lounge wear tops.


On the left side of my closet is the longer stuff since the bar is up higher.  So the first section is full of cardigans.  
There's maybe 15 of those. 


So then I hang all of my scarves on two different hangers.

Then since it's cold weather lately and the left side of my closet is harder to get to, I keep my sleeveless tops there.  I will occasionally grab one of those to layer a winter outfit but for the most part they stay over there until it's Spring and Summer and I move them over to the right side of my closet and my sweaters and long sleeve tops get moved to the left. 

And finally we have my dresses.  

Moving on to shoes...

 On the left side of my closet on the floor I have a shoe organizer which I use for some fancy dressy heels that I don't normally wear often.  Then on the floor I keep my lounge shoes for around the house and my workout sneakers.

On the left side are my boots.  I have one pair in each shade. A light brown, a dark brown, a medium brown, a black tall pair and a black medium length pair.

On the one shelf above the left side of my closet I keep my 3 pairs of comfy winter boots that I wear when I run errands. Oh and my combat boots. 

 On the opposite side (the right, duh) I keep some hiking sneakers, my black booties, and some summer wedges.

And the shelf below that is where all of my other shoes go. My casual shoes, my work heels, my sandals, and my flats. 

Now for favorite part.
 My clutches, evening bags, and small cross body bags are kept in a little square metal bin (turned on it's side obviously) next to my winter errand shoes.

I always laugh when bloggers have photos of their closet with all their purses sitting out. That is SO not me.  All of my handbags are kept on the very top shelf in protective bags.

I know it seems so crazy that all of my clothing fits into my closet.  Well it doesn't.  I do have one dresser..... 

The top 2 smallest drawers contain my underwear and my socks. 
In one of the drawers is my lounge wear (on the left), bikinis(middle), and leggings (on the right).
 In another drawer are my denim and work capris and shorts.  I keep my belts in the middle of that drawer. In the warm months, my long jeans and long pants go in this drawer and my capris go into the closet.
Another drawer contains my workout pants(left), sports bras and workout capris (middle), and workout tanks and tees (right).

 Now remember I said I was going to be realistic...well this is another drawer that contains my tanks.  These are what I layer outfits with.  They aren't folded perfectly but whatever. 

My middle top drawer has my pajamas and the 2 bras I own. A nude bra and a black bra. 

Now moving on to Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup....

 My costume jewelry and other necklaces hang on the wall. 

 On top of my dresser are some bracelets and rings and my deodorant, perfume, and chap sticks. I also have a jewelry box I keep a few things in.
 Next to my dresser are some drawers where I keep excess makeup (that happens when you're a blogger), and I also keep an organizer with my hair products including dry shampoos, hair sprays, heat protectant, and glasses cleaner.
 On my vanity I keep my little makeup drawers where my daily makeup is. 

And here is where I do my hair.  My vanity.  This is where I brush, dry, and straighten my hair. 

And there you have it.... Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Beautiful! Well done, Ellen. I have to ask, where'd you get your show organizers, the ones up on the shelf?

    I need to go through my closet again. I do this every few months and always get rid of things I don't use/need or wear.

    Have a great day hun! xo

  2. Your closet is so organize. I so need to clean out my closet again.

  3. Really impressed by how compact and streamlined everything is, Ellen. You're inspiring me to get rid of more junk. Those shoe slotz are the bomb. Gotta ask, though, only two bras? Do you sometimes go braless? (not an option for me, don't want to get arrested, lol)


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