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Monday, July 31, 2017

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A new summer month meant new books to read. Check out these awesome ones for the month of July.

Leaving Blythe River by Catherine Ryan Hyde
This book is about a boy whose father goes missing after leaving for a trail run. He sets off to find him with some locals on muleback and has quite the adventure and learns how badass he really is.

Tell The Wolves I'm Home Book by Carol Rifka Blunt
This is an amazing novel about a girl who loses her uncle to AIDS.   It's a coming of age story that takes place in the late 80's when there was a HUGE stigma over being gay and having aids.  She learns some very important things about her family and it ends up being a very happy , yet bittersweet ending for everyone involved.

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica
This is an awesome thriller about a woman whose husband dies in a car accident.  However, she thinks something different happened and she's determined to get to the bottom of it despite looking crazy to everoyne around her. This bok had a lot of good twists and unexpected turns!

Allie and Bea by Catherine Ryan Hyde
llie and bea - this was an amazing read about a young girl and an old woman who are both down on their luck and basically homeless.  They find each other and after a rough start, they become like family. But they need everything to work out in their favor in order to stay together.  So heartwarming!

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger
 Another great coming of age novel about a boy and his family, in the 60's.  It's full of tragedy as they lose a few people from their town as well as a member of their own family and it's truly amazing how the author draws the story out because it really keeps you thinking and speculating until you finally get answers. Would be a good movie too!

The Stars Are Fire by Anita Shreve
This was a great book that takes place in the 40's and 50's. A fire destroys an entire city, and a woman tries to start over now that she has lost her husband whom she was unhappily married to.  She begins to become an independent woman until something throwsa major disruption into her plan.  

The Party by Robyn Harding

WOW! They NEED to make this new release into a movie.  A teen girl get's very badly injured at a party.  The parents whose house it was are in the middle of a lawsuit with the girl's mom.  The entire drama brings out lots of secrets and the worst in everyone.   This is something very real about the world we live in, too!

Chasing Windmills by Catherine Ryan Hyde
I just love CRH and this book was a quick read. Basically it's a bittersweet love story between a woman in her 20's and a boy just under 18.  They are stuck together by trauma and violence and it's like a modern day Romeo and Juliet.

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