How To Style an Accent Chair

Monday, July 17, 2017

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I love decorating my home and rearranging things from time to time to keep it fresh.   Recently, I got a gorgeous Louis Ghost Style Arm Chair from Poly & Bark.  The cool thing about this chair is that it's technically a dining chair when means when I need to be practical and add extra seating around our dining room table like for the holidays, I can easily do that with this gorgeous chair.  I love the strength of this chair.  It's made from a strong and durable polycarboate and it's even stackable if you buy more than one! The clear "color" of it makes it able to fit any decor or style in my home.

Accent chairs are great because they can add style and decor to a room that's lacking design. 
So how do I style it? Well, let's take a look.

Reading Nook in the Office
My home office has a little corner with an ottoman that converts into a bed and a chaise lounge.  But when it's not in use, it usually is where I'd attempt to sit to read.  Now that I have a chair for that corner when I need it, I can sit comfortably and prop my legs up. 

When not in use, a small throw pillow adds a hint of decor and softness.

Entryway Seating
When you first walk into our home, there's a slight entry way.  I decided to make it more welcoming as well as more functional by adding the accent chair and a faux fur stool.  It also creates extra seating for guests when we are in the living room.

It's also a great place for guests to set their bags or lay their coats. 

And I like to use it to sit in the morning before I leave, so I can put on my shoes without falling over.   Even without the stool (which I push underneath it when not in use) it's so functional and fabulous!

Closet Seating
So our one spare bedroom is basically a giant walk in closet with a bed and a vanity.  Whenever I'm trying on clothes or shoes I like to have a place to either sit, or for a friend to sit when we are choosing what to wear for a night out.

So not only is it perfect in this little spot but when used as a guest bedroom, this chair provides extra seating for our house guests.  I simply added a faux fur blanket over top to give it a nice cozy yet chic look.

Vanity Chair
I have a litle vanity in my "get ready room" and for the longest time I've stood while getting ready. This chair now adds comfort and function to this spot.  It's so nice to sit and have support on my back from a chair.  Prior to this, there was a wobbly stool and it didn't really offer much support.

When not in use, it fits perfectly under the vanity so it's out of the way.  Plus, it looks adorable and so modern.

So you see, an accent chair can add so much fashion AND function to your home.

How would YOU style an accent chair in your home?

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