My July Garden Update

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's July and my garden is in full bloom.  I mean, this time I did things much better and I'm harvesting much more than last year!
 I have 2 sweet banana peppers planted in one of my garden beds.  They started from seed so they are a bit behind the rest.
 The lettuce is amazing.  Each week I have enough for a large salad for lunch every single day!
 I even have 2 eggplants that are coming in nicely in my one garden bed!
 I am so proud of my zucchini plants this year. I decided to do them in plastic tubs so they had much more room and I could move them around if need be.

I've harvested at least half a dozen zucchini from them so far!

So far, I'm getting lettuce, banana peppers, and the zucchini!
 My butternut squash are coming in beautifully!
 Here are my potted pepper plants. It's pretty much sweet bell and banana.
 My tomato plants started giving me ripened tomatoes! Yay!
 Here's my banana pepper kickin' butt!

And here's an up close of my romaine lettuce.

Check back next month for another update! Hopefully the humidity of July and August don't hurt my garden too much.
How are your gardens doing?

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  1. Your garden looks so organized! Mine is a mess! I've got a lot of herbs and I'm just waiting for the tomatoes to start turning red. I've also got some pickling cucumbers growing that I'm really excited about, too.

    1. See I keep my herbs in little pots in the porch bc i know they'll make it look all messy and i'm too ocd for that in my garden beds lol!

  2. I agree, your garden is so well organized. Mine feels like such a mess. Your blog is a fun read! I'm posting tons 0f pics on my garden page. I'm on facebook @tiffsgardenspot. I'd love to compare notes. What area are you in?

    1. I'm in harrisburg, PA. u? Thanks for reading! ill check yours out!

  3. So jealous of your garden! I feel like I got a late start because May was so cold and rainy here. I also planted less because the chipmunks like to hang out in my garden and the last couple of years I found cherry tomatoes all over my yard.

    1. Ah thanks girl! i'm so proud of it haha. But yea, Luckily I've mastered the art of keeping the pests at bay! Maybe try again next year :)


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