What's In My HUGE Bag?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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 I've always loved those posts where people show you what's in their purse and I especially love the realistic ones.  I'm not judging you for carrying around a baby rattle you didn't know was in there, I promise! So today I wanted to show you what's actually in my bag this week!!  Even if it's totally random, I'm showing it off!

So I actually was on the go a lot this weekend and I had the dogs with me and instead of bringing regular treats along, I grabbed these Brushless-Toothpaste Chewables.  These are so convenient.   It's like brushing their teeth without actually brushing them! These chews have abrasive ridges on the outside that help clean teeth and have a pleasant vanilla clove sent.   Inside there is toothpaste to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria.   This helps give my pups better breath and it's vet recommended! There's also no corn, wheat, soy, or by-products! The dogs love them!

I am so in love with PreHeels! I used this the other weekend for a wedding I attended and now I keep it in my bag.  If you're like me, you can get blisters and chafed skin from wearing certain heels.  PreHeels is a blister and skin-chafing prevention spray.  It sprays on and dries in less than 90 seconds and it's clear! It protects for a full 6 hours before you need to reapply.  Now I don't need to carry blister bandages around wtih me.  It's hypoallergenic and dermatologist-recommended plus it washes off easily with soap and water.  You can actually use it with any type of shoe, even flats and flip flops!  That's why I carry it with me every day! It's perfect for using on the go! I can't rave about this product enough!

My FiloFax is something I won't leave home without. It's my organizer that has my cash, cards, ID, my calendar, to do lists, shopping lists, and bill paying schedules and trackers. 

Oh and in case you're wondering...that's a Steve Madden bag I got from DSW the other month.

So there you have it. In addition to a library book (like always), those are the 3 coolest things in my bag this month.

What do you carry in YOUR bag?

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