Summer Cleaning - 5 Things To Do + A Giveaway

Monday, July 10, 2017

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 You've heard of Spring cleaning right? Well, I also like to celebrate Summer cleaning!  After the pollen in the air clears, it leaves behind quite a mess both inside and outside.  Plus there's lots more to do to keep your home looking nice for guests and backyard cookouts. 

So check out these 5 things to do when it comes to Summer cleaning.

1. Vacuum Everywhere You Can Reach
Pollen gets tracked in your house like nothing else.  Even when you think you have it all, you don't.   Now, I vacuum twice a week normally but I always make sure that atleast once a month I vacuum every little crevice and corner I can find.  I also vacuum the ceiling to get the cobwebs as well as the curtains in each room.  Make sure you go underneath beds and furniture as well.

2. Wipe Surfaces High and Low
You remember when you moved into your home when everything was sparkling clean? Well, you can get that back.  Just set aside an hour or so to go around your home and wipe down every surface, top to bottom.  This means you may have to get a stool to get to the top of your bookshelf, refrigerator, and ceiling fans.   Also, if you have baseboards, make sure you wipe them down too!

3. Refrigerator Clean Out
Season changes are always a good indicator that it's also time to clean out your fridge and freezer.  Take everything out, throw away anything that's expired or icky, and then wipe down all the interior surfaces with soap water on a rag. 

4. Bed Sheets and Towels
You should definitely wash bed sheets and towels every 2 weeks but I like to take the time to do one giant laundry day with all of the towels in the house and all of the sheets even in the guest bedrooms. 

5. Clean Windows Inside and Out
A clean window makes for a happy home.  It's amazing how much dirt and grime gets built up on glass.  First I do the interior of each window and then  I go around the outside.  Keep in mind, I have a ranch home so I'm able to do the outside windows myself for the most part.  My go to product for cleaning glass is Invisible Glass .  For the hard to reach spots I like to use their Reach and Clean tool.  

It can even attach to any standard extender so you can REALLY get the high up places.  You just pop on one of their microfibers and use it with one of their Invisible Glass spray products and BOOM! Streak free and gorgeous!  It really doesn't leave streaks either. That's my major pet peeve with cleaning windows but now that I know I'll get a streak-free shine I won't use anything other than Invisible Glass. 

This is the kit I received from Invisible Glass and guess what?!! One of you will win the same one!

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  1. You're so organized! I love summer cleaning and totally agree on your tips!
    Katherine |


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