Affordable and Safe Ways for Dogs to Celebrate the Holidays

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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Affordable and Safe Ways for Dogs to Celebrate the Holidays

Everyone knows my dogs ARE my children so it's no surprise they play a major role in the Holidays in our home.  That being said, there's a few things you need to do in order to ensure they stay safe, and also some ways to celebrate with them that won't break the budget.  So today, I'm going to share some affordable and safe ways to celebrate the Holidays for your furry friends!

Affordable and Safe Ways for Dogs to Celebrate the Holidays

Be Mindful of Delicate Decorations
You may have some beautiful and delicate pieces of Christmas décor in your home, but you need to ensure it's located in a place your dog can't reach.  All it takes is one clumsy dog running into the end table, and the glass decoration you have can shatter and even cut feet.  Opt for plastic decorations or put the delicate stuff in a place that can in no way be invaded by your pooch.
Affordable and Safe Ways for Dogs to Celebrate the Holidays

Everything LOOKS Edible
Remember, Christmas décor is based around plants and flowers and candy so anything you have that LOOKS like the real thing can be a major temptation for your dog.  And do NOT let your pooch eat Holiday greens.  Many people opt for a faux tree because their dog simply can not resist the temptation and smell of a new one. 
Affordable and Safe Ways for Dogs to Celebrate the Holidays

Get Practical Gifts
I know it's fun to spoil your dog on Holidays but overtime they can get TOO MANY toys and you may have more treats than you know what to do with.  Think of items they already enjoy and replenish your stock.  Limit the amount of gifts your pets get, especially if you have more than one.

Food Makes a Great Gift
If you want to switch up your dog's food, Christmas is a great time to "gift" them a food supply.  Since my dogs LOVE wet food, I decided to get them some Solid Gold Mighty Mini Chicken Wet Food from Chewy.  Now Solid Gold is a high quality food brand so make sure you choose something similar.  Don't be tempted by other foods that are full of artificial ingredients and fillers.  Solid Gold Minis are perfectly portioned and they're packed with ingredients that benefit your dog.  Wet food is also a great way to spoil your dog for a little and also ensure they get enough water since it's 75% moisture.
Affordable and Safe Ways for Dogs to Celebrate the Holidays

Do a Santa Photo at the Pet Store
Some people have professional photos taken with Santa and their pooch but if you are on a budget, consider going to a pet store after checking their local ad to see when Santa will be in their store. There's usually a small fee for the photo and frame and it often benefits a local pet charity.

Establish Rules for Guests
If you have relatives coming to stay at your home over the Holidays you need to lay down some ground rules with them in regards to your dogs.  Let them know how they must interact with your pooch and the rules for no table scraps, being mindful of going in and out doors so your dog doesn't slip out, and what manners they need to establish with your dog.  If your dog jumps up a lot, let them know how to correct it.  This will ensure everyone gets along and you won't be stressed out worry about it the entire time.

With a little planning ahead of time and mindfulness during the celebrations, you can ensure that both you and your dog will have a safe, affordable, and enjoyable Holiday season!

Affordable and Safe Ways for Dogs to Celebrate the Holidays

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  1. Your dogs look too cute with Santa. Have a great week.


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