Dating In The Modern World: Is It Easier Or Harder?

Monday, November 12, 2018

I don’t think many of us particularly enjoy the dating scene or this period of our lives, am I right? Sure there is an element of fun to it. You get the chance to meet new people, experience different relationships and it gives you the grounding to be sure on the decision for the person you want to spend the rest of your days with. I found my partner and I couldn’t be happier. But, these days I think the dating side of things can be a little more complicated than it used to.

Going back a few decades, you would attend dances or be out on the town. You would meet someone and if it felt right then that is how it would be for life. More couples these days break up than stick it out and I certainly think it is a generation issue. However, when it comes to dating, is it easier now or back then? There are so many different options to consider these days and so many routes you can explore. I guess in some respects that makes it easier as you have much more choice. But again, choice can then make things complicated. I wanted to share with you some of the options you can consider now in today's world when it comes to dating. It might give you a few new avenues to try yourself.

Dating websites

Let’s start with some of the obvious ways people meet these days and that the internet has given them easy access to, dating websites. There are so many now that it would be difficult to name a few, but each have their own agenda. You can find websites that specialise in your career path, enabling you to chat and engage with people in similar jobs. You can head to websites where they match potential people to you based on personality tests. You can even be as specific to age etc if there is a particular type of person you are looking for. There are many to choose from, and there have been some amazing success stories coming from them.

Dating applications on your phone

A step further from dating websites and you can even now do it on the go thanks to applications on your phone. Tinder and Grinder, swiping left or right, or just catching up with messages and instant chats as and when you can. It has made it a much more instant thing now, which can be helpful when it comes to dating.

Social media

Would you believe that people use social media to find a date? Yes you guessed it, looking through friends lists on Facebook, messaging people and friending them only to eventually go on to date. It happens more often these days.

Reality TV

A new way of meeting people and finding love is through reality TV believe it or not. The bachelor, Love Island is a new one which originated from a UK show but CBS have bought the format to it, and even the likes of Big Brother could introduce to potential new partners. There are many types of shows you can go on now with the sole purpose of meeting someone and finding love. However, would you want your dating life broadcast on TV. I guess it isn’t for the faint hearted.

Chat lines

Chat lines can be seen as another potential way of meeting people, or indeed growing your confidence when it comes to the whole dating scene. It gives you a chance to talk to people over the phone and generally feel more at ease in conversation. Depending on what you are looking for, you can look for straight or find free gay chat line phone numbers here. Even if it just helps you come out of your shell, it could be a great step to take when it comes to dating in the future.

Speed dating

Speed dating is something that has been around for a while, and can be a great way to get over nerves when it comes to dating in the real world. You get a few minutes with someone, and a chance to talk and see if you click. You will then mark on the sheet whether you want to speak to them further or not and it is as simple as that. It takes some of the pressure away as you know that everyone is there with the same purpose and agenda.

Meeting potential partners in the workplace

Have you looked a little closer to home these days? Where you work could be the ideal place to find a potential partner, and what's good is that you both understand the career and industry that you work in. Of course, some employers frown upon workplace relationships so check this out before you go pursuing people, but it could be the ideal scenario.

Activity days

Would you believe, that there are companies out there now that use events as a way for people to meet others? Activity days could be a day hiking, a day doing charity work, and they are organised with the specific reason of enabling people to meet other like minded individuals. The basis is that you already have some common ground, such as having an interest in the activity that you are doing. So it takes some of the animosity away. It definitely could be a fun way to meet new people.

Starting up a new hobby

Finally, with such an array of things that you can do in your spare time, starting a new hobby could be the ideal way to meet someone you can potentially date. Similar to the activity days, the hibby gives you some common ground to talk about, and certainly should tick off the list about finding someone with similar interests.

In conclusion I guess these days it is simpler to meet people, but is dating any easier? Possibly not. There isn’t that same level of mystery that there might have been years ago. However, it certainly has become a lot more fun and open minded. I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can explore the world of dating, if you happen to be in this phase of your life.

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  1. Facebook and online dating sites made it easier for people to cheat on their spouses or bf/gf. More options to hook up with multiple different people has made it harder for people to settle down. It was easier to find someone decades ago because you would actually have to approach another individual. I would never resort to online dating. All of my failed relationships were with men Ive known from college or casual met while living my life.


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