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Friday, November 30, 2018

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The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! It's time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping this year.  If you're Christmas shopping on a budget, great! Because the ideas I'm going to share with you today are budget friendly and there's something for everyone on your list!

For the jewelry lover...
If you have someone on your list that loves jewelry look no further than Statement Peace jewelry! All of their pieces are designed and hand produces in their South West Florida studio.  Each piece has a custom designed wooden display stand which is a great way to store and admire your item but also it adds to the d├ęcor of your dresser or vanity.

The brand motto is all about admiring it and wearing it so it's great that you can get meaningful pieces to express yourself.  I love the dream catcher. 

It's hand painted and hand distressed and has a gorgeous antique copper finish.  It's made of maple wood and the attention to detail is so amazing!!!  This would be an awesome gift for anyone that's got a zen attitude as well.  They have more than just necklaces, too. Statement Peace makes bracelets, earrings, and rings as well!

For the true crime lover....
Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am with true crime! I even have my own Facebook group I made for it.  So if you know someone like me, they will absolutely love this True Crime Calendar! A calendar is always a great gift idea but when the topic of the calendar is a new true crime EACH DAY you really can't beat that!

Women especially are always hungry for the gory details so this will do just the trick.  Each page has a mug shot of a notorious figure along with their story is shown.  It covers true crime tales, serial killers, kidnappers, cult leaders, and more!  This means each day I will have a new story to research and obsess over! This is a perfect stocking stuffer too!

For the planner addict...
I love my Filofax and I'm always embellishing it with doodles and stickers so this Hands Off My Stickers book is perfect! It makes it so easy to collect and store stickers with 5 enormous glossy foldout pages in different fun colors.  There are even holographic storage pouches for stickers too!  

And inside you get 3 stickers sheets that include matte, puffy, and glitter so you can decorate the pages of this book and whatever other planner book you have!

For the lover of pretty floral things...
This amazing book called Hello Angel Floral Papercrafting is so neat! It's completely stuffed with beautifully colored pages (and some for you to color yourself) that can be folded and used as cards, envelopes, post cards, scrapbook paper, and much much more!!

Look at all the colors! I have so many creative ideas for this including shelf/drawer liners!

If you have someone that loves getting crafty and enjoys coloring, you can get such a great supply of paper that would probably cost more than the price of this book in stores!

They even have amazing gift tags/labels that are ready to use! I am going to use some of these around the house! 

For the Gardener...

Gardenlust Coffee Table Book
This amazing book is full of beautiful photos of amazing gardens and landscapes all across the world.  There's everything from urban forests to impressive gardens. 

 And when the gardener in your life isn't paging through this book, it looks AMAZING as a coffee table decor piece!

Seriously I love everything about this book and everyone that visits my home always looks through it!

Ground Rules Book
This book is great for any gardener.  It's full of lessons and easy to understand advice on everything having to do with gardening like compositing and even combining colors.   I actually learned several things from this book and I'm excited for Spring of 2019 to give my garden a better chance. 

Any level gardener can appreciate this book. 

For the Hemp Lover...
Uncle Bud's Body Wash with Hemp Seed Oil This stuff is amazing and I am a HUGE fan.  It not only uses the healing power of hemp oil and coconut oil to relax and soothe your body but it smells AMAZING!!!! 

For the Foodie...

Softer than Brittle I love this stuff.  It comes in several varieties and it's just like brittle but it really is softer and it practically melts in your mouth.  It's also vegan, gluten free, and dairy free.  I love the crunch from the nuts in this brittle.  These are great for on the go in the car or at your work desk!

For the Photographer...

Kiipix- This little gem is a smartphone picture printer!  It comes in a few different colors and is really easy to use.  It's like getting mini polaroids of your favorite smart phone pics! It's priced at a budget friendly $39.99 and it's so fun to use.  It's a great idea for kids too so they can feel like they  have their own studio. 

What are you putting on your list this year? 

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  1. Cute ideas, Ellen - that gardening book looks awesome!!

  2. I'm putting a new purse on my list.


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