6 Reasons I Will Always Own a Honda

Monday, November 5, 2018

Have you ever been so sentimentally attached to a car that you want to cry just thinking of someday not having it? Oh well, if you haven't then you probably think I'm basket case but if you have, then you completely relate to what it feels like to own a car you LOVE. In case you haven't noticed in my previous posts about my Honda, I am so happy with my current car.  And get this... she's 12 years old! I'm always telling people the reasons to buy a Honda but I'm highlighting my top 6 today. 

1. Great on Gas
Hondas have always had a reputation as being fuel efficient and that means it's great on your budget because you won't be shelling out hundreds each month on gas.  I can get almost 300 miles on one tank with city driving which means there's a lot of stop and go.  Hondas will definitely save you money at the pump!

2. Affordable and Easy to Maintain
The best thing about owning a Honda is that they are easy for garages and shops to work on.  Some people have to call around to different places to see if people can work on certain parts of their exotic car but not Honda owners.  Not only that, but they are affordable when it comes to maintenance.  You don't have to worry about rare or expensive parts and you can buy the parts almost anywhere. 

3. Practical
If you don't need an over the top car, don't get one! Hondas are a very practical car that can come in a variety of sizes but they're never too cramped or too large.  Even my Civic is roomy enough for all of my stuff when I go on a trip, but it's still compact enough that I can maneuver into even the most narrow of parking spots.  If you have a teenager and you're thinking of getting them a Honda, go for it because it's a very practical choice! 

4. Maintain Their Value
Hondas seem to maintain their value really well and if you are looking to sell your used Honda, as long as it's been properly maintained, you can normally make out pretty fair.  My Civic is paid off but it's still in such great shape that eventually when I upgrade I can get a decent trade in amount or even just sell it privately.  Speaking of, I can't even think of upgrading anytime soon.  Even though my Honda Civic has 120,000 miles on it, it drives like new! Seriously! 

5. Great Deals on Pre-Owned Hondas
You can get great deals on pre-owned Hondas at dealerships.  In fact, when I got my Honda Civic, it only had 4,000 miles on it and was less than a year old.  I ended up getting a great deal AND a double warranty.  I always suggest people go to an actual Honda dealership to look at quality pre-owned Hondas.  Also, you normally get free inspections if you bring it back to the dealership each year but check your local dealerships for details on that.

6. Reliable
Hondas are very reliable cars if you maintain them.  Being so affordable to maintain means there's really no reason not to take good care of them.  I've kept up with all of my oil changes, and replaced various parts of the car at the mechanics' suggestions and because of that I have never had an issue.  I get recall notices in the mail and if something needs replaced, I take it to the dealer.  I have never had a single problem out of the ordinary with my Honda. 

And before you ask, no, Honda did not ask me to post this.  I just love Hondas and always suggest them to people with kids or women that want a low maintenance car.  

What was your favorite car you've owned?

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  1. I have only own Ford cars.


  2. ALL of my cars (and my husband's have been Hondas) .....I didn't drive until I was 27 and my first Honda was a red Civic SI in 1983...(it was one of the last Hondas that were made in Japan)...it was the BEST CAR....as sturdy as a tank (BTW ALL OF MY HONDAS ARE MANUALS....I do NOT drive automatics)...I sold it at 75,000 miles to a guy who owned a gas station, he had it running up til 150,000 miles. My next Honda was another red Civic........but...after that was a black Civic that I literally broke down crying when I sold it. I had it 11 years.........when I traded it in it only had 20,000 miles (yes, 20,000 miles in 11 years...mostly because I had lost my job).....one of the guys at the Honda dealership (where they know and LOVE us) bought it ....since then I have had three Honda Fits......soooo.......my friend, I think I beat you. I have owned AND LOVED SIX HONDAS.........(those do not include my husband's Accords).......I will ONLY drive a Honda for every reason that you mentioned...AND MORE!!!


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