How To Create a More Nature Friendly Yard

Monday, July 5, 2021


Over the last few years of being a homeowner, I've learned a lot of things about my own yard.  More specifically, I've learned how to make a yard that is more nature friendly for the animals and insects and even the plants that are native to my area.  Here are some ways you can give back to the planet by creating a more nature friendly yard.

Not everything is a pest. 
We tend to think everything aside from perfectly green grass and gorgeous flowers is a pain and should go.  But there are lots of "weeds" that are actually flowers that have medicinal benefits and provide food for native species.  Bees for instance love dandelions and other native flowers.  Is it really that important that your yard is perfectly green with nothing but grass?  Think about it.  Allowing food for bees gives your own veggie garden a greater chance with pollination.  
Also, when it comes to animals and insects, many of them are very important.  Spiders in your garden beds may make you shriek and want to step on them, but spiders keep the bad bugs at bay and give your garden a greater chance.  The snake that slithers past you controls the insects and rodent population.  Let them do their jobs while you do yours.  
Plant native plants in your garden. 
Do some research on what plants are native to your area and purchase them (especially perennials) to attract more native species to your yard.  The great thing about native plants is that they're already conditioned to the weather and climate in your region so they're less work.  You don't have to worry about bugs, drought, or excessive rain.  These plants can thrive and you can just enjoy them when they bloom and let them come back on their own each year! 

Be kind to animals. 
Is the chipmunk under your bird feeder bothering you? Why? Let them clean the seeds up so mice don't gather.  This is their home too.  The squirrels that are running up and down your trees aren't harming you.  Just let them do their thing and gather the nuts from your yard in the Fall.  Have a groundhog near your garden? Plant natives at the edge of your yard and he's more likely to eat those then venture up to your veggies.   Have a bird nest in one of your flower pots? Cool! Watch the babies grow and fly off.  It's not that hard to coexist with nature if you just take it slow and consider the benefits. 

Plant trees and shrubs away from your house.
Too often I see shrubs that are right up against a house.  There's not as much room to grow and they can become sick when they can't properly grow or they can even create issues with your home or sewer lines.  Do your research to figure out how big certain things get before you bring them home from the garden center.  Learn what's native and what's invasive and opt for native shrubs and trees.  Invasive species of trees and shrubs can spread their seeds and populate around your neighborhood so do everyone a favor and choose native!!
It's important to embrace nature even in your own yard, so do your research and make sure you enjoy the benefits of all the native plants and wildlife in your own backyard!!

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