The Unbelievably Simple Things You Can Do To Stop Aging

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Have you ever noticed that there seem to be people in your life who are caught in a timewarp? No matter what happens, they always look the same age, whether they have stressful jobs, are going through relationship breakdown or have multiple kids to look after.

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Well, it turns out that they are probably doing one of the several things proven to slow down and stop the aging process of various tissues in their bodies. Let’s take a look at their lifestyle hacks.

Avoid Loud Music

Avoiding loud music might sound like a bit of a strange anti-aging hack. But it is actually a leading reason why people get hearing aids and tinnitus. Loud sounds damage the delicate lining of the inner cause, reducing the fidelity of the sound wave information it transmits to the brain. This process, then makes people a little hard of hearing, getting worse over time.

Join A Faith Community

Practically every long-lived population on planet Earth is part of a faith community. They all worship something outside of themselves that is bigger than they are - and they have unwavering trust that it is guiding them to a better life. Researchers are now cottoning on to this fact and actively recommending that older people join faith groups of any kind to start experiencing the benefits.

Eat Seeds

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Eating seeds might sound like a strange longevity trick, but it works. It turns out that those who consume nuts and seeds on a regular basis are much more likely to live a long time compared to those who don’t. Why this happens has to do with the way the body’s energy sensing mechanisms work. Seeds appear to activate various longevity pathways, encouraging cells to put more energy into maintenance, and less into growth and division.

Take A Relaxed Approach To Life

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Many people take life incredibly seriously. For them, everything is a potential source of anxiety and stress. But if you take a look at the longest-lived people, you find that they don’t have an attitude like this at all. Instead, they’re often very relaxed about their lives and the direction that they take. They’re prepared to just go with the flow and see where things lead. They’re not worried about having the perfect partner, career or travel experiences. They derive their contentment from their everyday lives.

Don’t Tell Yourself You’re Old

Many people are in the habit of telling themselves that they are old. But this can actually backfire and become a self-fulling prophecy. Research suggests that people who consider themselves to be old actually age at a faster rate than those who are young at heart.

Fast From Time To Time

Fasting is a religious observance that many traditions follow. It’s something that has been a part of the human experience for a long time. And it is essential for our biology. Many people go on 24 hour fasts to give their bodies a chance to recover from all the food that they eat, clean out old proteins, and generally repair.

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