A Homeowner's Guide to Maintaining your Home

Friday, July 2, 2021


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After a rough day of working and going about your business, there’s nothing better than going home to a well-maintained and clean house.

Failure to maintain your home can lead to devastating consequences. Like any other equipment with frequent use, your home needs proper maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. For example, failure to unclog your gutters can lead to water damage in your home. Consequently, failure to paint your home after you notice signs of chipped paint can result in your wood rotting.

Proper maintenance of your home can significantly increase its value by up to 10%. As a homeowner, you need to realize that you bear a considerable burden of the responsibility of maintaining your home.

Maintaining your home can significantly save you money by avoiding costly repairs that may arise due to overdue maintenance. For every dollar you spend on maintenance, you end up saving approximately $100 on repairs.

Here’s a guide to maintaining your home in top shape:
Check the Exterior

Your home’s exterior wall is what surrounds and protects your home. It continually gets exposed to adverse weather conditions and can quickly wear out. You need to inspect your home’s exterior wall and repair it immediately.

Visually inspect your windows and doors for damage or decay and repair accordingly. Inspect the gutters for accumulated debris to allow water to drain correctly.

You can also inspect your roof for any damages; however, you should proceed with caution to avoid risking your safety. Using binoculars is a safe method to check for any damage. If you’re in doubt, you can contact a reputable inspector to do the inspection and repair as well.

Inspecting your foundation is equally crucial since evidence of cracks on the foundation can lower your home’s value by 15%.
Control Dust

Accumulation of dust in your home can be a health hazard in your home. It can lead to allergies and the onset of asthma. Dust in your home can also result in reduced efficiency of your equipment.

Using a damp cloth to wipe off surfaces can help prevent dust accumulation in your home. For large-scale cleaning, you can consider Pressure Washing Services to get rid of dust in unreachable places.

Air filters in your vents are a hot spot for the dust to accumulate during filtering. Frequently replacing your air filters can help improve your equipment’s efficiency and keep your home dust-free.

Avoid Moisture Accumulation

Accumulation of moisture in your home can result in devastating impacts. Not only does it cause damage to your interior, but it can also attract pests and rodents to your home.

If you notice fogging on your windows, it is pretty evident that humidity levels in your home are high. The use of exhaust fans can help remove all moisture and direct it outside.

Fixing water leaks in your roof can substantially reduce moisture levels in your home. If neither of the measures works, you can make use of calcium chloride, which will absorb the moisture and reduce your home’s humidity levels.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Maintaining Your Home

If you want to save money as a homeowner, then maintenance is the number one thing to look at. Although many people do not have proper systems for maintaining their homes, it's recommended to take care of issues before they happen. Therefore, hiring a professional at PreFixinc.com will come in handy when managing your home and ensuring it remains in optimal condition all year round.

Home maintenance is critical to assuming you are preparing your home for sale and want to increase its value. This is because if you fail to have your home in excellent condition, the valuation report is likely to indicate possible damages and future vulnerabilities that may significantly lower your property value.

Therefore it doesn't matter what you do. Ensure that your home is always maintained in good condition for peace of mind and rise in value. Fix anything you can and practice cleanliness as it is also a way of maintaining your home. However, for areas you are unsure about, seek the services of an expert. They will ensure your home is appealing without causing further damage.
Maintain Your HVAC Systems

Your HVAC units work by circulating air in and out of your home. In the process, debris can get clogged in the system resulting in reduced efficiency. Frequent maintenance of your units will prolong their shelf-life and prevent the onset of a breakdown or a performance loss.

Finally, maintenance is essential for every home. Not only does it safeguard your family’s health, but it also prolongs the lifespan of equipment, including your housing structure.

It is also important to note that most warranties and insurance policies don’t cover items destroyed due to lack of maintenance. It is considered negligence. Therefore, frequent maintenance of your equipment can considerably save you money.

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