Post-Covid Life: Things to Clean When Children Return Home From School

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit earlier last year, most schools transitioned their students to at-home and online learning.

That itself was a difficult period for children, from not seeing their friends and teachers every day to not playing and socializing outside.

With vaccinations continuing more and more every day, schools are either opening up or planning to open in the fall when semesters start.

This came when most kids were just trying to adjust to their new learning routines at home, and some might be reluctant and stressed to go back to their ‘normal’ life.

The anxiety for returning to the new normal

It’s important to talk to children with nice and fun memories from school with their friends or teachers to help reduce their anxiety about returning to school, and adjusting to life after covid.

On top of that, keeping the kids’ surroundings and material when they return home from school every day is another step that can help them ease their stress.

What to clean when kids come back from school

Children must know they can move and play freely while at school and not be afraid to touch anything because they’ll be coming home to you to keep things clean at the end of the day.

Before jumping into the list, remember that the number 1 priority is to remind your child to wash their hands and keep them clean.

Antiseptic hand sanitizers are the greatest way to ensure this when children don’t have access to the bathrooms to wash their hands and forget to wash them frequently.

There are many great antiseptic hand sanitizers, and Zylast is one of them. With these amazing Zylast reviews, you’ve got nothing to stress about anymore, knowing that your kid can safely play, study, and eat at school with their hands clean.

So, finally, here are the top items to clean when your kid returns home from school post-covid.

1. Books and Other Supplies

If your kids bring home homework and material to study, wipe them down first before they use them.

Children tend to leave books, notebooks, and writing material everywhere, from their desks to the floor of their class.

If you need to assist your kids with their homework, make sure you wash your hands too after wiping the material. Hand washing is a requirement for grownups too!

2. Electronic Devices

If your kid goes to school with their phone or other electronic devices they use during the day, make sure to clean them with wipes when they get home.

The surfaces of electronic devices are some of the dirtiest places, so cleaning them regularly isn’t just a post-covid measure; it should be a general hygiene requirement for us all.

Ensure you follow instructions with how you clean your electronic devices to avoid damaging them with direct contact with harmful substances. 
3. Lunch Boxes

Remind your little ones to remove their lunchboxes from their bags (if they go to school with one), and give them a good wipe before they take it to school the next day.

Aim to do a deep clean of the lunchboxes each week so that food remains don’t accumulate bacteria.

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