Creating A Home That Makes You Happy

Thursday, July 29, 2021


Does your home make you happy? It should! If you want to live a healthy and content life, you need to know that the four walls around you look good, and that you’re proud of the little haven you’ve created. After all, no one wants to live in a washed out and messy space that has no hint of love and personality incorporated into its design!

However, it can be hard to arrange a home entirely around you and your family’s personalities - a lot can clash, there’s simply not room for it all, etc., but that doesn't mean you have to be unhappy in your own home. There are plenty of smaller ways to help you feel more comfortable with where you live, and with the ideas below, we hope to help you find that balance.

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Keep Storage Simple

How do you put things away? Does every little item have to fit neatly into a category and go in the right drawer? And what if you’ve got a whole wall of drawers and you can never find anything because this system is far too specific? You need to find a good middle ground here, and try to keep things much more simple!

And this is a lot easier to do than you might think. Take all of your miscellaneous wires, for example. A spare charger here, an old video input cable there… instead of separating them by their actual function, just label a box ‘Wires’ and then chuck them all in! Doing so won’t make it any harder to find the one you’re looking for, because you know all of your wires and cords are in the same place, and it’s just the one box you’ve got to look through. Simple and effective!

Make Space for What You Love

What do you love to do? Read? Write? Paint? Model? Pet your dogs? No matter what it is, incorporate these ideas into your home in one of the best ways possible: make a special space for it.

Say, if you have a spare room, it can be a good idea to incorporate a ‘safe space’ that’s just for you. You want to have somewhere a bit private that you can retreat to when a day has been rough, or if you just want to spend some time on self-care, and you deserve to have a little haven entirely of your own. It does wonders for mental health, and you don’t even need a whole spare room to make a private area that’s just for you!

Maybe it’s time to invest in something like a clawfoot tub, to give yourself an indulgent bath time experience? Or if there’s room near the window in the living room, why not think about creating a sort of window seat that you can read or write or nap on? And even just a spare wall you can set a comfy seat and a bookshelf next to will give you the privacy you’re looking for!

Add Plenty of Color

Color is something we’re naturally drawn towards, as humans, and that’s why you should incorporate this design element well into your home. You don’t want your living space to seem dark and dreary, nor do you want it to be washed out and bright like a clinic either. You want it to be a perfect balance of color and comfortableness, and that means you need to know how to work colors together. Even just looking up a few color combinations online can do wonders for your decorating plan.

For example, you can use websites like to get a good overview of what wallpaper designs and plain paint colors work best together as well. This is good for those who want to build feature walls into their property, and overall give a space more than one dynamic to work with. And a bit of inspiration in this department can make you very happy about the way your home looks!

Get Involved in Your Community

One of the best things you can do, to make yourself more at home within your home, is to really integrate yourself into the area you live. If you want your home to make you happier, you need to feel comfortable living there, inside and out, and that means getting to know your neighbors, and even joining a local club or two.

So, what kind of hobbies do you enjoy? And are there any clubs in the local area that are orientated towards them? Even just finding out if there’s a book club hosted in a house on your street can make you feel so much more happy at home.

Most of all, wou want to feel like you’ve got support within your home area, and that you can reach out to those around you, even if they’re not family or technically friends. You want to know that you’ve got people you can have nice and polite chats with when you’re outside in the front garden or working away in the garage, because that’s what tends to make people happy. Knowing you’ve got this boosted element to your social life can do wonders for your mental health!

Does Your Home Make You Happy?

A home has many functions; keeping you and your family safe and warm away from the outside elements, and giving you a place of your own that you can safely sleep and eat in. However, we should also think about the top of this pyramid, and ensure that the look and feel of your home makes you happy as well.

So think about ways to cut down on the clutter, and keep your storage simple enough for you to simply put things away without thinking too much. Try to get to know who lives near you, and take part in a few community events. All of these things go a long way towards making your home feel like it’s the place you’re meant to be!

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