How To Decorate Your Home on A Budget

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


One of the things that any homeowner will tell you is that a house costs money long after you move in.  It's not just maintenance and upkeep, but adding personal touches to your home can really break the bank.  If you're like me, you love decorating your home and making it beautiful inside.  Being the budgeter that I am, I put together some ways you can decorate your home without spending a ton of money.   There are always cost saving alternatives to look into. \\1\\ Make Your Own Wall Art
It's great when you see a piece of art you love but what's even more special is when you create your own wall art.  There are plenty of painting classes all over the country (most of them incorporate wine and snacks) so you can actually spend some money on the experience, enjoy time with friends, and have an awesome piece of artwork to take home with you.  Then when everyone asks where it's from you get to tell them that YOU made it!

\\2\\ Using Containers as Decor
I had a lot of containers and baskets after we settled into our home so I realized instead of buying decorations like bowls and baskets, I should paint what I already have to match the decor of the room.  I'm telling you that a can of spray paint is so worth it.  It also makes things look much more classy so that dollar store vase of yours can look luxurious with gold paint on it.

\\3\\ Painting Furniture
Once again, painting works wonders especially on furniture.

\\4\\ Embrace Nature
Before you toss that rock from your soil or that pinecone from your yard, consider using things like that in decorative vases and containers.  You can even spray paint them a certain color.

\\5\\ Flower Pressing
Let me just tell you that pressing flowers from your yard (like the little ones that come up in the beginning of Spring, can look awesome when you lay them against a piece of wood and then spray a protective clearing coat of spray paint on to hold them in place.  DIY Decor!

\\6\\ Recycle Empty Bottles & Jars
Whether it's wine bottles or beer bottles, you can use them as lights (check Pinterest) and paint them pretty colors.  Some people even fill them with colorful liquid and put them on display.  And you're helping the environment too so it's a win-win!

\\7\\ Faux Flowers
Real flowers are nice and so are houseplants but not only do they require TLC, they can also be pricey depending on the plant or flower.  Faux flowers last forever and the ones they make nowadays look just like the real thing!

\\8\\ Books
Books can always be used as decor.  There are so many ways to do this.  You can pick your favorite books and stack them on an endtable with a decorative object on top, or you can arrange them in your book shelf by color so it looks like a giant rainbow when you're done.  You can also alternate between stacking your books on the shelf horizontally and vertically. 

\\9\\ Throw Blankets
A lot of us have extra blankets in the linen closet and some of those would look perfect as a decorative accent on the chair in the corner of your room or even at the foot of your guest bed.  It's little things like this that can really spice up your home.

\\10\\ Faux Countertops
Did you know you can actual get faux marble decals to put on your counter top without having to actually get your entire kitchen redone? Yea, pretty cool, huh?   Definitely look into it!

What things have you done to decorate your home without spending a lot of money?

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