What To Do If You Break The Law

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Breaking the law is something that can happen for so many reasons and often times it isn't necessarily an intentional act.  There are times we are not aware of specific laws, or that we've even broke them.  Sometimes things just happen whether it's an accident or something that occurs on impulse.  But the important part is what happens next, after you break a law.  It's always important to do research and remain calm but sometimes when you're flustered and upset, it's hard to do those things so hopefully this blog post can help. Obviously, you should always try to avoid breaking ANY laws no matter how big or small, but if it happens regardless, here are some things you can do.

Remain calm.
You should always remain calm as scary as any encounter with law enforcement may be.  Especially if you are a truly good law abiding citizen that just made an unintentional mistake, the best thing to do is always remain calm and collected.  It's important  to keep a clear mindset and not upset yourself any further.  You need to be able to navigate the next steps and move forward in the right way.  Trying to avoid it won't help solve the situation so you can't just pretend it didn't happen and often times, "fleeing" can get you in even more trouble.  You also don't want to have any confrontation with law enforcement because that will just work against you in your case, so be polite and calm, even if mistakes are made on their end, and remember you can always address them after the fact. If you break a law, keep breathing, and stay cool.  Be polite to everyone.  Remember  that you are responsible for your own actions so no matter how anyone else with you may act, make sure you are mature and level headed.  It will go a long way in court.

Know your rights and be reasonable. 
Knowing your rights as a citizen is very important whether you research them or seek legal advice.  Don't get an attitude with anyone.  If law enforcement or anyone else confronts you, don't become angry and aggressive.  Keep your emotions in check and be as reasonable as possible.  Go with whatever is happening as long as you are doing the right things asked of you.  Even if you know that you're in the right and law enforcement may be in the wrong, it's best to just go along with it and seek help afterwards to right the wrong that was done to you .  This goes much further in life than trying to aggressively fight back immediately.

Contact an attorney. 
A criminal defense attorney can be very helpful for your case.  A criminal defense attorney can speak with you about your charges, what your rights are, and explain any options moving forward.  They can literally give you the best legal advice out there so it's important to consult an attorney in a circumstance where you break the law.  Make sure you're able to gather the funds to pay a good reliable attorney to assist you.  You will also need to be very honest and open with them about what happened and why you need their assistance. Remember that your attorney is on your side no matter what, whether it's to prove your innocence or to give you a fair trial.  Listen to what they tell you and take notes when possible.  Keep in regular contact with them until your situation gets officially resolved. 

Get support.
Regardless of what happened, it's always important to have a great support system that can help you get through the upcoming weeks or months.  Explain the truth of what happened and let them know how you feel.   You don't want to try to hide things and keep everything inside because it can really stress you out.  At the same time, don't divulge too much information to those that you feel you can't truly trust.   Make sure the people you seek support from are people you trust 10000%.

At the end of the day, no matter what happens, remember that a calm and clear head always prevails and that a reliable criminal defense attorney is your best bet when you find yourself in trouble with the law. 

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