How To Keep Your Dogs Safe

Monday, August 23, 2021

As dog owners, we all know that our pets are our lives. The little pooches are an extension of our human families. Therefore, protecting them and making sure they are safe is something as an owner you must do. There are loads of different products around to help us keep track of our four-legged friends so let’s find the right one for you!

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Let’s start with the basics. All pet dogs need to have a collar on with your details should they get lost. The law or guidance on what the collar should say varies across states, but as a standard, you should have your phone number at least on the collar. If you decide to use different collars as a way to accessorize your dog, it can be a good idea to get tags attach to each collar so you know your pet will be safe.

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Along with collars, microchipping is the best way to look after your dog. By making sure they are microchipped, if they ever got lost and returned to a vet, you will be reunited with your dog. Many dog breeders are ensuring their puppies are microchipped before you get them so you know they will be safe from day one. The microchip doesn’t hurt the dog and is inserted via an injection into the neck of the dog. They can be easily scanned with a handheld machine and allows the vet to find your details. Dogs should still have a collar with a tag on, but by being extra vigilant with a microchip, if your dog were ever to be stolen and taken to a vet, the vet would be able to see that and contact you.

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Invisible Dog Fence

Have you ever heard of an Invisible Dog Fence? Well, an invisible dog fence works through frequencies transmitted to our dog’s collar. Many people with dogs have large gardens but don’t want the dog digging up certain areas or they may want to keep areas dog free for their children. Therefore, they use invisible dog fences. These nifty pieces of equipment get buried in the garden and transmit messages to your phone and your dog’s collar. The collar will provide a mild stimulant to the dog when they approach the boundary line causing them to be deterred from where they are. These collars are not like shock collars which are important to highlight. Shock collars are to control unwanted behaviours and can be very dangerous and painful for our furry friends but these collars don’t produce a shock. They are very clever and let you know when the collar needs charging and also if the dog has breached the fence. It’s a very clever piece of equipment.

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Doggy Camera

More and more dog owners are investing in technology and cameras that track their dogs throughout the day. If you work away from home and wonder what your dog is up to this is the gadget for you. There are different types of cameras depending on what you want to know about your dog. Static cameras can be installed throughout your home or you can buy remote static cameras which you can move and place around your home. Or there is the option of buying a collar cam! Cameras that attach to your dog’s collar and allow you to see what they are seeing.

These types of cameras work through wifi and allow you to check in on your pet periodically throughout the day via apps or websites. Unfortunately, they can lead to distraction as you may find your dog more interesting than your work! However, they are an easy way to make sure your dog is safe while they are without you.

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Doggy Day Care

If these options still aren’t quite what you want for your pups, you can always send them to doggy daycare. This is literally what it says on the tin! Daycare for your dogs! This may sound a bit mad, but they are quickly growing in popularity. These daycares aren’t just to make sure your dog isn’t bored without you, but are also very useful for getting your dog socialised. Many daycares also offer walking services, dog sitting and longer stay dog options so that it becomes another safe space for your dog. These facilities range in price due to what they offer, although those who send their dogs to these facilities talk so highly of them because the owners just love dogs!

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