Some Things You Should Never Do When Wearing Diamond Rings

Friday, August 20, 2021

When you are lucky to have one or more diamond rings, you will want to take excellent care of them, so they remain looking in perfect condition. There are some things you will need to be careful doing when wearing your diamonds and other things you will want to avoid entirely. It doesn't really matter whether your diamonds are hundreds of years old and passed down through your family, or you have lab diamonds in your jewelry, you still need to know how to look after them. Diamonds are so precious and delicate that they should be given due care and attention so that they can last for as long as possible. Below are some things to not do while wearing your diamond jewellery that will help keep it in excellent condition.


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Avoid Swimming

If you are wearing diamond rings, you want to avoid going in the water with them on your fingers. Your skin will shrink when you are in the water, and this can cause the rings to slip from your fingers. It may be something you do not notice straight away, and depending on where you were swimming, you could lose them forever. The chemicals in swimming pools can also often stop diamonds from shining as brightly and make diamond jewellery lacklustre in appearance.

Applying Lotions & Cosmetics

When you invest in handmade jewellery in Brisbane or in any other city, and those jewellery are made from diamonds, you will also want to avoid applying lotions, creams, and cosmetics while you wear them. The chemicals in the lotions and makeup can stop the diamonds from sparkling as intensely, so remove them before applying. Also, let your hands dry entirely before putting the jewellery back on and keep your jewellery in a safe location.

Operating Machinery

You will also need to be careful when operating machines, including ones you find around the home. Get yourself into the habit of removing your rings and storing them in a safe place before using any machinery. Using things such as vacuum cleaners and other machines can scratch your rings, and if you are in the kitchen using a blender, the last thing you want is for your diamond ring to fall off while using it.


You should also remove your diamond jewellery before you exercise, especially when using gym equipment. The dirt and sweat that builds up from exercising can affect the shine of your rings and give them a lacklustre appearance. You can also catch the ring on gym machinery or alter its shape when lifting weights. Do not take your diamonds to the gym, no matter how much you want to show them off and keep them at home safe until you have showered and gotten changed.


Cooking is another task where you should remove your diamond rings to help keep them in excellent condition. Some cooking ingredients can be harmful to your diamonds and getting food all over your jewellery when preparing it will ensure they need a clean. Take your rings off before you cook, and you can help to reduce the dirt and grime that builds up, meaning you will have to clean your diamond jewellery less often.


You will also want to take off your jewellery before going to sleep, which will help to stop it from getting damaged and dirty. Invest in a jewellery box where you can keep your jewellery when not wearing it, and you can help keep it looking fantastic and shining brightly.

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