Organizing Your Own Finances

Monday, August 2, 2021


How To Organize Your Finances

Finances are such a big component of our everyday life that it makes absolutely zero sense to be disorganized with them.  Living this way can cause you to miss due dates, mismanage your money, and fall very short of achieving your financial goals for the future.  

Today I'm going to show you everything you need to organize your finances.

Maintain a Budget

It's super important to have a budget in place so you can give each of the dollars that come into your bank account a specific job.  You can learn how to create a budget here and use my free template to get started.  You can keep your budget electronically or print it every time you update it.  My blog post will also explain how to create a zero balance budget. 

Track your Debt Pay Down
If you have debt, you need to get rid of it! I wrote a blog post about how to pay off debt and I even included a free debt pay down tracker. Tracking the progress of becoming debt free is crucial so you can see how far along you are. Looking at your progress will always keep you motivated to keep going.  

Track your Savings Goals
Anytime you have goals for an emergency fund, a regular savings fund, or saving for something like a vacation, it's important to chart those goals and their progress.  Here are some free financial goal printables but feel free to make your own as well. 

Bill Pay Calendar
A calendar that tracks when your bills are due can really help you determine which bills will come from which paycheck and also let you see what you need to prepare for in the weeks ahead.  You can use your daily calendar for this if you'd like or you can make your own specific calendar just for bills. I actually have an entire section like this for finances in my free printable home management binder

Paycheck Distribution Tracker
I have been doing this since I was 15 and had my first job.  It can be as simple as a sticky note or a note in your cell phone, but whatever you do - make sure you decide which bills (or portions of a bill) will come out of which paycheck.  

Transaction Log
This is another way to track where your money goes each month to ensure it follows your budget plan.  You can use a checkbook register, an Excel spreadsheet, or your own creative way of tracking. 

Bill Pay Tracker
A bill pay tracker is important so you know whether or not you've paid a bill this month yet and when you paid it.  Sometimes life gets crazy and we can completely forget if we paid a bill already or not. So having a portable way to track it can really help! 

Cash Spending System
Here's a post on my FiloFax Cash Envelope System so you can make your own.  It's important to have a system set up to separate your cash for the different categories of your budget.  You can use a coupon organizer, a system like I have, or even regular paper envelopes.  

Make sure your finances are organized and maintained on a daily basis so you can stay on track with any financial goals you've set and have fun being organized while you do it! 

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