What Should You Do With an Unused Garden Shed?

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


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Most people would typically associate a garden shed as an outdoors building useful for storing items like lawnmowers, gardening equipment and accessories, and anything else that belongs outside but needs shelter from the elements.

You’re probably reading this article today because you’ve got a shed in your garden that seldom gets used for anything. You’d like to repurpose it into an outdoor space that you and other inhabitants of your home can enjoy. But, what can you do with your unloved shed?

Check out the following examples of what you can do to turn your unused garden shed into a usable and enjoyable outdoor space for you, your family, and your friends:
Outdoor Bar

If you enjoy entertaining guests during the warmer months of the year, one idea might be to turn your unloved garden shed into a unique outdoor bar. The thing about garden sheds is they are easy to convert into almost anything.

With that in mind, you can line the interior walls and ceiling with insulation and drywall, plaster and paint everything, and install a bar and drinks storage. It’ll soon become the focal point of any summer party at your abode!
Smoking Lounge

These days, people seldom want to smoke cigarettes, cigars, or anything else indoors, for that matter. That’s because the aroma of tobacco, for example, lingers in the air for a long time.

Some of your home’s inhabitants may not enjoy passively smoking whenever you partake in your favorite pastime. Thankfully, you can create a unique smoking lounge in your former garden shed for yourself and other smokers to enjoy.

Do you enjoy partaking in cigar smoking and want to keep a stock of cigars in your lounge? If so, you should also consider investing in a cigar humidifier so that you don’t ruin your best Havanas.

If you like making or fixing things, you probably use somewhere that isn’t ideal for your hobbies, such as your kitchen or living room. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a dedicated area in your home to pursue your hobbies without annoying your spouse or other householders?

A garden shed can be an ideal outdoor space to convert into a workshop. It’s pretty straightforward to add electricity, lighting, and heat to your garden shed, and it provides a safe, dedicated shelter where you can make or fix things to your heart’s content.

Some people even extend their unused garden sheds to create more outdoor space for workshop purposes, while others add additional sheds for storing their creations until they get sold or used elsewhere.
Children’s Playhouse

Last but not least, if you’ve got children at home or relatives and friends often bring their kids over to your home when they visit, you might like to convert your shed into a children’s playhouse.

You could paint it bright colors, add some child-friendly furniture and toys inside, and make it a fun place to go for any visiting or resident kids!

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