I Learned to Meditate!

Monday, October 21, 2013

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One of the things on my 30 before I'm 30 bucket list was to learn to meditate. And thanks to Zen180 I've done that!

Zen180 is a collection of CDs for different aspects of meditation. It also comes with an informative booklet! The CDs are:
Relaxed Mind: Meditating to this helps you reach a serene and relaxed state of mind. I found it very soothing and it wasn't hard to relax with the lovely sounds!

Creative Mind: This helped heighten the sense of creativity and inspiration. I found it very inspiring and it's hard to describe, but in a way it helped me feel happier when I was done.

Focused Mind - This helps with serious focus and experiencing the ability of super-learning!

Awakened Mind: This is for a boost of energy and positivity!

Compassionate Mind: This helps build a sense of kindness and compassion.

I have to say that this was amazing. I loved that there was a checklist in the back of the booklist to use to track your daily meditation activity. It's true that meditation isn't the easiest thing but you can master it with practice. For the first two weeks it was primarily 5 minute meditations. It was definitely difficult to keep a clear mind in the beginning...lots of thoughts crept in even when I tried hard to focus on my breathing or an object in my mind.

I really loved that this gradually builds up to longer and longer meditation session times and while I haven't completed the entire program just yet (I'm half way through I'd say), I love that I have pretty much tamed my mind to allow me to meditate and focus!
So here's what I'll break down for you..because I always wondered what exactly is involved in meditation...You don't even need music to do it, but it's easier when you are learning....But what you really do is just sit comfortably somewhere....make sure you have no distractions like cell phones or the TV. Close your eyes, and focus on your breathing..... or if that's not helping you can just imagine an object, like a tree, or falling rain. Anything that makes you zone out in a sense to wear you aren't thinking any thoughts but just kind of "pausing" your brain. At first it's hard and if thoughts creep in don't get frustrated, just kind of imagine yourself dusting them away.

The sounds in this program were falling rain and relaxing tunes and it really helped me clear my mind. I would imagine the falling rain the first 2 weeks and after that I began using a blank mind image and just concentrating on my breathing. I did get discouraged at first but apparently the first two weeks are like that for many. So I stuck with it.

It's important to remember to meditate daily, because consistency is important and helps train your mind to do it. And there are so many benefits of meditation... it helps you overcome stress, boost creativity, overcome anxiety, increase focus, increase the size of your brain, and much more. I definitely feel more clear in the mind after I meditate and it makes me trained to slow down in life and enjoy everything..little and big. I also don't have horrible anxiety now.. well it's going away a lot and I can't wait to see how else it benefits me by the time I complete this whole program. There's an awesome check list to track your progress and it tells you which cds and which tracks to listen to!!! I'll be sure to update you again and again on my meditation success!

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