Designing A New Baby Nursery Responsibly

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pregnancy is a long process where parents are given enough time to organize their home and personal life. Among other things, the couple should think carefully about the issue of a secure nursery. Most accidents are known to occur in the home, but many ignore the way the design of the room affects the way the baby will spend most of his day. Of course every room in the house should be secure towards the arrival of the baby, but there are still some special features to their bedrooms. This is the room where there is a huge comfy cot and all the cosiest blankets you can think of! Also, from a certain age the baby may move into their own space, so there is no room for compromise in terms of the appropriate furniture and safety accessories for them. If you have a small area, then you should consider 10 Easy Ideas For Setting Up A Nursery In Your Small Space- and so here are some additional tips to ensure that you create the best possible space for your baby!

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This is how you choose the right furniture and layout

In the first stage, in order to create a safety room for the baby, you need to choose the appropriate furniture. Proper furniture that fits the size of the room will also allow parents to move around comfortably, access the baby whenever they need help and cope with daily tasks like changing diapers and feeding. In addition, the furniture should be in solid colors in order to make the room a pleasant place to stay. In the second stage, it is advisable to incorporate safety accessories around the playpen, bed, changing table or any place where the baby will be laying. Nowadays there are safety accessories that parents can get at baby stores or websites and their price is cheaper than you might think. If you are interested, you can also request a changing table as a gift with the option of locking drawers and make sure that such an option also exists on the wheels of the dresser or bed. Alternatively, you can use basic furniture and products but purchase the safety accessories separately: from the railing, through the fittings that are suitable for drawers in baby rooms to non-slip rugs. Even the little things have an effect on the level of safety in the baby's room. If you want to make the bedroom safer, you should cover electrical outlets and keep the bed away from shelves or objects that may fall. Finally, it is possible to incorporate a delicate reading lamp in the room to ensure that there is always lighting and not to forget to complete the atmosphere with wallpapers, curtains and stickers suitable for the wall. 

Paint for a nursery

Before you start designing the room, it is important to choose a color palette with which you can play with the design. You do not always have to use light blue and white and pink colors in candy-pastel shades. Be creative and think long term. A variety of base colors with neutral colors like white, beige, and cream can make the room relevant for years to come without you having to repaint everything. In this way you can also adapt the design of the baby room to the rest of the house. If you want to do something really special you can use different effects for painting walls like stickers that give a shimmering look, effects of clouds, stars etc.

If you still like pastel colors, it is recommended to paint one wall, and it will also be simpler to paint over it in the future. You can look at painting part of the wall, or painting geometric shapes. What can further bounce off the look of the wall is the addition of wall stickers in the shape of clouds, triangles, balloons or any other shape that fits the childish line. Nowadays there are also charming wallpapers whose pasting on the wall will already significantly bounce the overall look of the room, and you will only need a few more touches. It is of course important to use environmentally friendly paints that do not spread toxins and will harm your child's health.

Baby room accessories

The choice of accessories is very important in the design of a baby room, as they are the ones that give the final touches and the general atmosphere in the room. What items are important?

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Another common trend today is to put books in a special display that highlights them. It is possible to make special books for the newborn (there are books today that can be created especially by the baby's name) and this can create a personal and special dimension to the whole design.

Pillows in different shapes are also a trend that can not be ignored in the design of baby rooms. If you have chosen wallpaper or wall stickers in a certain way, you can continue to play with pillows. For example, if there are clouds on the walls you can choose a pillow in the shape of a cloud. If you have chosen stars you can choose a pillow in the shape of a star or moon, and so on.

The textile items give the softness and coziness effect that is important in designing a baby room. It is advisable to choose airy and thin curtains in light colors. You can choose bedding that matches or corresponds with shapes that have already been selected for the existing design. A soft and cozy rug will also add to the overall look. In the rug cut, you can choose a shaggy rug or a round rug knitted in thick knitting, which will add soft and delicate lines to the look of the space.

You can choose a soft and special lampshade for the main lighting, and combine a decorative plastic lamp in a certain way, such as a star lamp, cloud, etc. - again depending on the main themes you have chosen.

Lovely pictures can be found in design stores or at various shopping sites. Of course, you should choose pictures in shades that will match the other items you have chosen. Note that there are relatively large price ranges, and you can find beautiful pictures even at cheap prices on many shopping sites and in thrift stores. You should do a bit of research before entering into any new design; it’s good to be thrifty!

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