Quick Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

If you are a homeowner, something you will be conscious of is the value of your home. All those years ago when you purchased it for a great price and have kept it in great condition now come into play. Working on repairs when needed, ensuring you have the bigger maintenance jobs taken care of. But, over the years your needs have changed, where you once wanted a small neat kitchen you now want an open plan space. When you had no children, and big dreams you now have bedrooms brimming with lives and love. There comes a time when you are going to want to move on. Before you do so, it is best to get your property valued by a professional. Once you have an initial valuation, it’s time to get to work improving on that initial figure.

Think of it as your starting point.

Some of these tips will be glaringly obvious and others perhaps not so much, either way, it's food for thought!

Loft conversion.
Yes indeed, making more space increases the value of the house. But, it isn’t just about the extra room. It’s about what you do with it, and what the new owners could use it for. A typical loft conversion can increase the value of the house by the approximate value of one bedroom. You could sell this as an office, a yoga studio or bedroom space. Whatever you do, be prepared to pay a decent amount to get the work done. But, don't worry, what you spend will come back tacked on to the house sale money - 6 fold.

Windows & Doors
Your windows were likely fitted before you had ever set eyes on your home. Not very often do we get to pick the fixtures and fittings to such an extent that the windows are the design we wanted. If your house isn't very modern, you are going to want to take a look at getting double glazing fitted at a minimum. Unless of course, the house is a heritage site. In which case you are going to need to work with the local departments to ensure any work carried out here is true to code. If you get double glazing fitted, you will be saving money for the next tenants in the long run - and who doesn't love to save some cash?

This is also a great time to see if you can add any extra windows. Extra light in a home is a premium.

If your front door has seen better days, then likely so has your garage door. It is time to get both of them replaced. For the front door, look into something classic, with a neutral color scheme - it will work for more personality types in the long run. As for the garage, get something like a
b and d roller door. They are sleek, smart and work for any garage.

Superficial Stuff Counts

Even though you have come to be used to that leaky, dripping noise that comes from somewhere outside your house - doesn't mean that the people viewing your home in a view to buying will appreciate it. There are a few things that you need to get sorted asap.

Doors - sticking, squeaking, poor or rusted hinges
Locks - do they work, do you know where all of the keys are?
Loose or broken tiles. Not only unsightly but a breeding ground for mold
Leaky faucets or pipes. A waste of water, yes, but also annoying in the middle of the night if you happen to tune into the noise
Cracks - and cracks in the floor, walls, or plaster work
Peeling or chipped paint

While you might adore your carpet, all it is really doing is holding in the unique smell of your family. You might generally smell of peaches and happiness, but when people are in the house they might not appreciate it. It’s time to
invest in wooden flooring. It’s easier to clean, lasts a lot longer than any carpet and holds zero smells.

Speaking of groundwork. Head out into the garden and trim everything back. It doesn't matter what month you have decided to sell your home, you need to think of the long term. Dress the front and backyard with some perennials, and some seasonal flowers. Half of the selling of a home is showing people their future in a place if they can picture it, then they are much more likely to buy. Invest in some outdoor lighting, a little landscaping, and a garden feature. If you have the room then consider a shed or an outhouse.
Look for Extra Space

While above a loft conversion was mentioned, and the next thing on the list would be a conservatory, think smaller. If you have space under the stairs, consider giving it more function. Could you add sockets and turn it into a small working space? Could you build in some shelves and give the ideal home to some shoes, or books? Simple touches like that are interesting and innovative.

Pipes and Wires
While ideally, you will have had these taken care of every year in a service, it might be time to go a little bit further. If you have old wiring or old pipes they won’t be as cost-effective or a safe as they could be. There are also so many new smart home appliances on the market it pays to keep your home up to date. It might be a really big job, a total rewiring, but while it’s being done you can add extra sockets, and extra lighting if you wish. Plus dimmer switches and ewer safety features.

As for plumbing, if you have noisy pipes then you really need to get that taken care of as a matter of urgency. While that is being updated, you could consider getting a
pressurized plumbing system fitted, rather than a gravity fed one. You might like to add new sinks or toilets in, update all the faucets and a whole new bathroom suite.

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  1. We have replaced one window in are house. We need to replace the rest of them.



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