Ask Away Blog: What It Means to Have a Healthy Daily Routine

What It Means to Have a Healthy Daily Routine

Monday, November 15, 2021


A healthy daily routine is an important part of everyday life regardless of what’s going on lately. A healthy daily routine can give your days structure, routine, goals, and meaning. If you have health related goals you are working on this is even more important whether it’s finding time to relax, exercise more, or eat better. 

How do you create a health daily routine? 
First you need to think of the things you want to be doing and should be doing everyday. 

If you want to relax more and find time to meditate that means you need to schedule that in on your task list for each day. Finding a regular time to do it will make it easier to create a habit out of it. Many people choose to fit it in when they always have down time on a given day like before bed, during a lunch break, or when they first wake up. 

For things you should do (like exercise) you’ll need to find a few times each day to make that a regular task. If you work, finding break times for taking walks, doing cardio, etc. is a great idea. I personally take a walk in the morning before starting my work day, then one over my lunch break, and a quick one on my evening break. I try to keep this schedule even on weekends as I find it’s easy to plan the rest of the day around those walks.  

Scheduling self care time to take care of other health needs like stretching, taking care of your skin, and pampering yourself, are important as well. You can choose to do these on a weekly basis since it may not be a huge daily ordeal. I have self care Sunday’s where I do a face mask, take time to paint my toes, stretch extra good after a week of exercise, and even just find time to relax quietly and read. 

It’s important to remember that it’s totally okay to prioritize all of these healthy daily routine items. I personally say no to plans on a Sunday because that’s my self care day to take it slow, and ease back into the work week the next day.  I have also made plans around my walks.

When it comes to diet, eating the right foods is very important. Make sure you plan your meals for the next week or so. Designate a day each week to plan the next week’s meals. Then make your grocery list based on what ingredients you need for those meals. 

It’s easier to eat better when you plan it out. Planning and sticking to regular meal times is also important. Try to eat at the same times everyday. I have actually saved so much money (and lost weight and inches off my waistline) by making sure I don’t snack or buy junk food. 

A healthy daily routine can be something to look forward to everyday and can give you a great sense of purpose and satisfaction every day.

What’s your healthy daily routine?

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