5 Ways To Use Baskets as Decor AND Storage

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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5 Ways To Use Baskets as Decor AND Storage

There's no greater feeling than walking in to a home that is clean AND organized.   Oh wait, there is - when your home is clean, organized, and has awesome decor that doesn't clutter it up more.   That's how my house is and I absolutely love it! 

People often say they need help organizing AND decorating and that's where I always recommend investing in baskets.  Baskets are a killer addition to your home because they not only corral your items and organized them but they also look nice as accent decor.  

So today I'm going to show you 5 ways that I use my newest basket, the Square Medium Laundry Basket from Peterboro Baskets. I love the neutral color of my basket because it goes with all of my decor so it's universal. It's 14" long, 14" wide, and 11" high so it's perfect for a variety of places in my home. 

Peterboro Basket used to store winter hats and gloves in a closet shelf
One: Clothing Storage on a Closet Shelf. 
This is especially useful if you have open shelving in your home that isn't covered by a door you want your items to look nice in the storage containers they're in.  I'm all about saving money by trying to use boxes you already own but sometimes it just looks...icky.   My Peterboro Basket is perfect for holding the winter goods in my entryway.  It's deep enough to hold all the gloves, scarves, and hats but still light enough that I can easily bring it down off the shelf to look through it for the item I need.  
Peterboro Basket used to store throw pillows
Two: Corral Throw Pillows
Look, I love throw pillows as much as the next gal but sometimes you have too many OR you need to move some out of the way to make room for company you're having over.  So whether it's in a bedroom or a living room, I love using a basket to corral throw pillows.  Not only does it add dimension to normally flat room decor but it's practical as anything! The best part is you can shove the pillows in and it will look stylish instead of messy
Peterboro Basket used to store magazines
Three: Holding Magazines
Magazine racks are awkward and so outdated so finding fun practical ways to display them is what's trendy now.  I like to leave some of mine in a stack on the coffee table but for the rest of them a basket is my go to.  I usually stack them flat inside and then put a few standing on top sticking out of the basket.   
Peterboro Basket used to store towels
Four: Towel Storage
So towels are super important because not only do you use them every day but if you have guests you need to have extra bath towels ready.  The best part about using a basket for towels is that you can use it in your linen closet as your regular storage, but if you are having guests stay the night, leaving bath and hand towels arranged in a basket on the guest bed is an adorable way to welcome them.  Plus, you can fold your towels any way you want whether you decided to do the traditional fold or just roll them.  

peterboro basket used to store decor and throws

Five: Displaying Decor
This is my favorite way to use a basket for storage AND decor.  If you're like me you may have a more minimalist home so there's probably not a lot of counter or table top space to use to display decor.  So using a basket makes it SO much easier.  Plus, it's also storing decor items and throw blankets.  I draped a faux fur throw blanket over the edge of this basket and left my faux floral wedding bouquet poking out the other side. rite here.

Peterboro Baskets are so perfect for storage AND decor and they have so many different styles and colors.  The craftsmanship of these baskets is AMAZING which is why even the basket alone looks beautiful on a shelf.  

How do you use baskets in your home? 

5 Ways To Use Baskets as Decor AND Storage

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  1. I love using basket was d├ęcor. I have a nice cloth laundry basket. That I use in my living room for toy storage.


  2. I use baskets in my daughter's room to store her bedding. It works well!


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