Ask Away...: So I Published A Book | Order Fixing Your Finances TODAY!

Friday, February 12, 2016

So I Published A Book | Order Fixing Your Finances TODAY!

So in case you haven't seen my hints on social media, I have officially completed my first book.   That's right!  
Fixing Your Finances | A Practical Guide to Managing Money and Eliminating Debt is designed to help you turn your life around when it comes to money. 

This book will cover how to: 

- Evaluate current spending habits
- Create a realistic budget based on your wants and needs - Start a cash spending system to live within your means
- Create an emergency savings to eliminate the use of credit - Pay off your debt
- Adopt better spending habits
- Establish a healthy savings fund

Fixing Your Finances is available for just $11.99 plus shipping!    



  1. Congrats girl!

    1. thanks babe and congrats to you too on the engagement!! !


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