soleRebels Review & *Giveaway* Ends 2/1

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

soleRebels is a shoe company based on fair trade. Their shoes are made of organic materials and are very environmentally friendly and sustainable. soleRebels brings jobs to communities in Ethiopia where the workers really need money. They have fair wages and it’s well deserved because these shoes are very beautiful and high quality. soleRebels really gives back to the community and by wearing their shoes it’s a constant reminder that you have too!

I received some awesome boots. They are so comfortable and kept me very warm when I was running around doing errands. I love how easy it was to get used to them and to move around in them. They didn’t make my feet hurt at all! I also received these boots for someone and wow, they were a huge hit. So comfortable and so great for everyday use. They are beautifully made!

My Advice: These shoes have great meaning behind them and they are so comfortable which is important for your mind and body! So make sure you invest in a pair today!
Two lucky winners will each receive a pair of shoes (Style,size, color of your choice) and a Walk naked Tee. A $120 Value!!

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  1. I like that they are creating jobs for Ethiopians! I like the whole idea of "Fair Trade" and we need more of it!
    GFC: Mechele Johnson

  2. This company puts their workers first, and gives them a sustainable wage for them and their families!

  3. I like that they use recycled tires for the soles.

  4. GFC: Donna
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  6. i really like the tooTOOs homegrown | Grey, my daughter would really love these!

  7. I learned that they recycle and that they create many jobs for Ethiopians.

  8. I learned that they recycle and that they create many jobs for Ethiopians.

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    Donna Marie

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    donna marie

  12. Love they used recycled tires.

    I am an email subscriber but it is NOT the same one associated with my FB account which I use to log into RC. I subscribe with trasinalm at gmail dot com. There was no spot to put it in the RC. Thx!

  13. tHEY rECYCLE !



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