Urielle Review & *Giveaway* Ends 1/18

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Uriélle Revitál-Treatment is a MUST have for your hair. If you like shiny and sleek hair, this is the product from you. Urielle has an amazing line of luxury hair care items that nourish your hair with the care and vitamins it needs. The Revital-Treatment helps to hydrated and nourish your hair and it also protects it from UV light. If you have a lot of split ends, this product is great because after regular use, it helps protect against breakage of your hair.

I received this Treatment and I used it after my shower. I styled my hair like I normally would but my hair was so much smoother, and it didn’t take as much use from the heat tools to get it to styled how I wanted it. I love that this treatment was not gunky or greasy, and it didn’t make my hair feel stringy. I highly recommend this product to anyone that uses any kind of heat on their hair!

My Advice: Use this product BEFORE using any heat or styling tools on your hair. Keep heat to a minimum when possible. You have to live with your hair for ever so make sure you take care of it properly!!

One winner will receive a bottle of Urielle Revital Treatment.

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  1. The Revital is my favorite product. Would love to try it on my hair. Thanks!

  2. Uriélle Revitál-Treatment is my fav product :)

  3. I also like the Revital . Cheryl cjabdelnour@hotmail.com

  4. I would have to say Uriell the giveaway prize.
    The description on the website is simply heaven. My hair is so unmanagble its like a Lions Mane
    and so many products have claimed untrue statements. I say the price you pay is what you get in life. This excites me that is makes it shiney and silky.

  5. id love to try revital, sounds really nice for your hair!

  6. this looks amazing, would love to try it!!

  7. I would say the Revital is my favorite product!

  8. I would love to try the Revital Hair Treatment. I use lots of heat styling products and am always looking for anything that will help protect my hair and keep it healthy and smooth.

  9. I posted your button on my blog, but there wasn't an entry blank for it on the form.

  10. I like the revital hair treatment

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  12. I like the revital hair treatment.


  13. I think the revital hair treatment will do good for my hair


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