Arm The Animals Apparel Review

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am so stoked to show your these photographs that my amazing boyfriend took of me (and him) in Arm the Animals Apparel.   The mission of Arm The Animals is to help generate funds for struggling animal rescues.  Every dollar counts...really.  Think of all the food and supplies it takes to run an animal rescue, not to mention fees for medical expenses,etc.  So Arm the Animals is all about bringing a voice to the speechless!

I love this stuff not just because it has animals on it and it helps the welfare of animals everywhere, but because it's super comfortable and very high quality.  It's not just your average shirt.

Check out the detail and the awesome "artillery" on the deer above!

My favorite shirt was the panda bear.  My boyfriend loved it too!  Above, you can find us in our awesome panda shirts.  They are great because they go with so much and they really make a statement.  Plus,  my boyfriend loves anything with a panda on it!

I have always been a lover of dolphins and so this helps represent my love for them and my support for the protection of them.  So many animals are illegally killed every year, it's important to bring attention to it.

And, one of my favorite exotic animals...the elephant! I really love the V neck on the shirts from Arm the Animals. I love how they fit, I love that they are a nice length and not too short at all.  And, I love that I can breathe through them! They never make me too hot.

Please please please support Arm the Animals.  They are a great cause and I would not be supporting them if I did not believe in what they do!

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