I Organized My Closet!

Monday, April 30, 2012

On Friday, I posted on Twitter and Facebook asking you all how you go about organizing the clothing in your closet.  I got all types of responses including:
- Sleeve length

And that's where my problem was.  I had them organized somewhat but it wasn't working out.  I thought that organizing by sleeve length was okay but It was hard to see what I had in each section.  So I decided to change it to:
- Type
-Sleeve length

As you can see above, there really was no order.  It looked very uneven and junky.   So here it is afterwards

So I started with my work clothes and put them in sections of what kind (blouse, sweater, etc.)
Then I went on to tank tops and party wear and made sure they were organized by color.

What I ended up with was:
Work Clothes
Tank Tops
Button Up jackets
Zip up Jackets
Outerwear Jackets
Loungewear tops
Short Sleeve Tops
Half Sleeve Tops
Long Sleeve Tops

Each section is separate by a little gap of space so it's easier for me to see where it begins or ends.  I hope to be able to organize the hangers I use because that may make it even easier!!  Within each section, I organized by color and then within color, I did it by sleevelength.

It's much easier for me to organize by two major things

What it is


Whenever I have an idea of what I want to wear, it's generally one of these few outfit choices
-Jeans and a regular top
-Jeans and a summer top with something over it
- leggings and a long dressy top

So this way I know what kind of top I'm looking for, and then it's easy for me to organize by color because I usually try to match up my pants to whatever top I'm wearing.

Am I rambling? Okay, I'm done I just had to share!!


  1. Following from the Make My Morning Blog.

    You should get rid of all the plastic hangers and get wood ones to make your closet look neater and uniformed.

  2. Closet looks great. I do mine by the color group, and then I can find it fast.

  3. Stoping by from http://lifewithtwinsandadramaqueen.com/ to say HI saw you in the blog hop! I really need to do some spring cleaing in my closet too.


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