Week One of Daily Workouts

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today marks one week from when I started my new workout routine.  It goes as follows:
Work out everyday except Friday!!!
And man am I tired.  Not only is my body exhausted, but my mind is gone!

Here's what I did over the past 7 days:
Thursday - Jillian Michaels Buns & Thighs Level 1
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 6 Week 6 Pack Level 1
Sunday - 30 Day Shred Level 1
Monday - 6 Week 6 Pack Level 2
Tuesday - Buns & Thighs Level 1
Wednesday - 6 Week 6 Pack Level 1
Thursday (Today) - Buns & Thighs Level 1

I must say I am seeing great results. Up to this point I have been working out maybe 3-4 times a week but now I am making it a priority to do it everyday.

My Audience

Benefits I've Seen
I have done Buns & Thighs for a total of 3 times and honestly, my legs are tighter, stronger, and they don't rub together as much, and yes you know exactly what I mean by that!! Unfortunately I had some major knee problems, just as others had with the Buns & Thighs so I modified it to skip two moves that caused the pain for days afterwards.

I have more energy physically when it comes to getting things done.  It's great. 

I have a better appetite and am not hungry 24/7.  I have been watching what I eat so much and I track everything with My Fitness Pal.  I am currently eating about 1,200 calories a day, after my exercise, etc.     Also... I lost 2 pounds!! 

My reward of cheese cubes last night..... (My boyfriend cut them and arranged them to say I <3 U! KEEPER!!)

I have one month left till I go to the beach, so I want to be super proud of my body that I worked so hard for!!!  Thanks for the support from everyone and I'll keep you updated!!

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  1. ahaha pixie's look on her face "glad your workin out and not me" lol. The look I get from Bullet is "what r u doin'??? lol


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