Hot Trend: Railroad Stripes & Leather Jackets

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am seeing it more and more...different celebrities are wearing railroad stripes under a leather jacket.  I like it!  And it's something that I actually can do this time!

So I tried it out for myself...

It's one of those things where they just go together perfectly.  Your eyes don't need to deciper the look, it's just..there!

I paired my striped tank top with a leather jacket, dark wash skinny jeans, and some bad a$$ boots!  It was quite a comfy look and I can't believe how well it all flowed together.

You can do this look too because it is THAT simple as long as you have a leather jacket and some sort of stripes.  The skinny stripes look best.  Chunky stripes would take away from the whole look.  My shirt had some sparkle sequins on the front which I thought might mess up the look but surprisingly, it didn't.

So, do you have anything in your closet to create this look? If so, do it, and submit a picture to me to feature on my blog... just email it to!


  1. Wow. You pulled it off very well! Very stylish!

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. You look amazing and I think the pictures turned out well. Can't wait to do more!

  4. Love your version, edgy chic! You look gorgeous.


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