BTB Sunglasses Review

Monday, April 23, 2012

Be The Ball Sunglasses is a great place to find running sunglasses and even golf sunglasses, depending on what you are in to.

What my man said:

Be The Ball Sunglasses are the sport and recreational sunglasses you
want to get.  BTB is the best company out there when it comes to getting
actual high quality sunglasses at an economical price. Prior to trying
BTB sunglasses, I was skeptical like most when hearing about pristine
shades at an affordable price.  Well once I received the BTB-G-250 and
tested them out, I couldn't be more wrong about a stellar product.  The
BTB-G-250's not only provided a great look but not once I did notice any
discomfort from hours of wear.  The innovative nose and temple piece
formed to my nose and ears like you would expect high-end sunglasses to
do.  The lenses provide a crisp and clear outlook to the world and when
I am outside doing any activity, the BTB-G-250's are always there for
me.  The key factors for me were no longer getting pains on the top of
my ears and headaches from extended use.  Be The Ball has made a great
name for themselves and I cannot wait to get another pair in the near

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