Pixie is a Screamer!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pixie on Easter, proclaiming her spot on the top of the couch!

I just have to share this... sorry if it's TMI!  Well, Pixie has had some issues with her stools so when the problem didn't go away, I took her to the vet's.  This was last night which really stunk because I just wanted to relax after work but instead had to drive the whole way back out to the vet's but it was totally worth it.  Anything for my Pixie!  So....
Me and my original, first ever, Chihuahua - Pixie!

We get to the vet and everyone has to fuss over Pixie, of course! Everyone loves her so they all say Hi, then all the other patients have to fuss over her.  She's lovin' it.  It's finally our turn to go back, so we do. Since the regular vet that Pixie sees wasn't in, it was a new vet that had to refer to Pixie's file a lot.  She went to stick the big scary thermometer in Pixie and of course Pix turns around and shrieks at her (she doesn't like her scruff touched or her tail lifted). 

The vet says "Oh, you're a screamer, I know, it says so in your file!"  So I am holding back laughter and I'm like "Really? It says that?!" And she said "Yes, it says 'SCREAMS BEFORE SHOTS'".  ROFL!! I can't stop chuckling about this.  It's actually kind of cute. 

Well, needless to say, Pixie is better.  Looks like she is trying to pass some hair of mine through her system. Ick.  Guess the Shark Vaccum I had wasn't vaccuming up all the hair and she tends to sniff and lick things she finds on the floor so it makes sense that a collection of strands of hair are inside of her. I have been giving her pumpkin and probiotics (you can get Probiotics from Bloomingtails by the way) and the Vet said to keep doing it.  So $77 later..my girl is alright.


  1. Awe, poor Pixie! Glad she is doing better. I just love her!!!

  2. And glad she's doing better! Ick about the hair though!

  3. Poor girlie. A hair ball.

  4. OMG! You are looking so cute with this puppy ;)


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