Hot Trend: Open Knit Sweaters

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here I am, trying out one of Spring's hottest trends, the open knit sweater.  It's a great trend because it can keep you warm when there's a breeze, but you won't get all sweaty because obviously, with the open knit, it's very breathable.

I found this one at Marshall's and I paired it with a blue Express cami. There are lots of other varieties of open knit sweaters, including long, tunic-style ones, and even tank top open knit sweaters.  Maybe you even have one in your closet already? Take a look!!

You can wear these with jeans, shorts, or capri's and you can always play around with the color.  Since this sweater was pretty conservative, I chose to show off my legs so I wore shorts. 
Enjoy the trend!


  1. looking fantastic girlfriend!! Love how you broke down the categories of your blog above...the accompanying photos with each are perfect!


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