My Rant at The Birth Control Article from Mens Fitness Magazine

Monday, April 9, 2012

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Ok, I now understand why men hate our girly magazines that tell us "facts" about guys and their behaviors.  It must be so frustrating. Today I discovered an article on Mens Fitness website and here is what it said:

A recent study shows that hormone-based contraceptives can decrease a woman’s testosterone and send her in search of men with lower levels themselves.
Without artificial hormones, women tend to be attracted to men with high testosterone levels—the rugged ones with the strong jawline and copious amounts of facial hair. Also the kind of men who tend to cheat more on their girlfriend and are worse at providing for a family.
Testosterone isn’t just for men, though. In women, the hormone stimulates sexual desire and fantasy, and helps them become lubricated in response to arousal. When they take oral contraceptives containing estrogen, their testosterone levels drop, and the gentle, stable man starts looking like a better husband choice.
This may not seem like a problem, but a woman’s taste in men may change after she stops taking the pill. This is supported by previous studies, which found that women who went off their birth control found their husband less attractive and sexually exciting. Probably not the honeymoon gift he was looking for.
Some sexual health experts are so concerned about these findings that they are telling women to go off the pill and switch to using condoms. This is especially important, they say, if a woman met her future husband while on the pill.
Another alternative is sticking with the pill. Over the long run, women on hormone-based contraceptives tend to be happier in their relationship, and more likely to stay with their husband, than pill-free women.

Umm, are you kidding me?  Maybe women change their taste because the guy they met is not the same guy they are with now.  Maybe he stopped trying to impress her, maybe he became grumpy and boring, maybe they grew apart, maybe she emotionally matured and he is no longer a good match for her. I mean come on!! There are a million reasons why this stuff could happen. 

Articles like this are stupid and really tick me off.  I wonder how many guys are going to say stupid things like "See, you should go off the pill" to their girlfriend.  Ladies - Get on pill,  get engaged, get married, go off pill for baby, go back on!  Don't let anyone influence you! And men.... don't be so darn insecure... If the pill REALLY makes her change her mind about you..maybe it's something YOU are doing.  Psht...

End Rant!!

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  1. Wow this is just plain stupid whomever decided to publish this as an actually "study" is a moron. I agree with you 100%. When I was on the pill my sex drive decreased but that doesn't mean I was ready to ditch hubby and look or omeone else. I hope no one actually reads this and takes it to heart

  2. Unfortunately, MEN are the ones reading this article. And coming from a guy, when it comes to women and their hormones, we have no clue. Thanks for clearing everything up. I wish your rant about this article was spread out some more!

  3. Thanks for clearing it all up! Guys like me do not know much about women and their hormones so your response helped me tremendously.

  4. you tell them sista!!! I hope to god it wasnt a woman who published that article, because if so she needs a touch of reality REAL QUICK! Love reading your blog, keep it up!!! xox


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