Empower Fitness Review & *Giveaway* Ends 7/25

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have found the most enjoyable way for myself to stay fit, burn calories, and tone up my midsection…the Empower Fitness Cardio Core and More Fitness Hoop!!!! Empower Fitness has a selection of awesome fitness tools for your workout routines.  They have everything from yoga to cardio!  If strength training is your thing, there are even some tools for that!

So I received the Cardio Core and More Fitness Hoop which came with an awesome sheet of exercises that you can do to tone other parts of your body.  No matter what you do, you get an amazing cardio workout and you burn a lot of calories!  It was super easy to attach all the pieces together and I love that this hoop is weighted because it was more challenging for me. I found hula hooping to be a blast and I was sore the first few days which tells me it definitely worked!!

If you are sick of your boring workout routine I highly suggest you check out Empower Fitness because everything on their website looked fun to me!!

One winner will receive a fitness hoop as well!

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  1. hi! this GA is international? <3

  2. my favorite product is the hoop!! I have always wanted to learn hooping, fun, fun! my second fav would be the medicine ball.

  3. The hoop is great and I'd also like the 4lb Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball with DVD.

  4. i like the Adjustable Weighted Walking Vest

  5. I've been wanting to try that Ultimate Core Trainer.

  6. Cardio core and more hoop! i would love the deluxe fitness mat too!

  7. A fitness mat would be great! I have yet to find one that doesn't slip all over the place.

  8. Also, this is a great defense against possible attackers.


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