10 Ways to Avoid Overspending Around the Holidays

Monday, November 24, 2014

1// Avoid Unnecessary Black Friday Shopping 
Sure you can get great deals if you really need the item, but you can usually get the same deal online. Just read the fine print in the sales flyer.  Also most in-store Black Friday purchases are impulse, so if you don't need anything in particular and you are tight on money this year, stay home! 

2// Embrace Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday deals can be done online, obviously so you can add exactly what you need to your cart, without being distracted by sales displays as you would in a store.

3// Shop your home
If you have unused candles and beauty products, put them all in a box so that at the end of the year, you can shop your own supply.  Put together a gift basket for someone using beauty products, candles, etc. 

4// Resist the urge to buy for yourself
When you go out Christmas shopping, keep in mind that you brought along money for other people, NOT yourself.  Don't be distracted along the way.  Make a list and stick to it. 

5// Set a $$ Limit per person
If you only have $200 to spend, and you have 6 people to buy for, figure out what you can spend on each person and STICK to that budget. 

6//Don't buy for everyone
Sometimes we get in the spirit of giving and we see something that would be perfect for our office buddy.  If you don't have the money set aside for that person, resist the urge to buy it!  Unless you have plans to exchange that year, they don't need to be on your list. A card and some homemade cookies will be just fine. 

7// Don't fall for "deals"
Sometimes things are advertised at a low price around the holidays, when in reality, you can buy the item for a lower price in the off season.  It's smart to keep tabs on prices all year round so you know what's a good deal and what isn't.  

8// Shop early
Don't ever wait till the last minute.  Shipping prices will put a dent in your wallet when it comes to buying online, and when you wait till last minute to shop in stores, you tend to be more likely to overspend or overlook a high price. 

9// Home made gifts are just as nice
If you know someone that loves to pamper themselves, and they are on your list, why not look around for recipes for DIY sugar scrubs, lotions, etc.  The cost of the materials you need won't be too expensive, and a jar with a cute ribbon around it will be a great finishing touch! 

10// Services are free to give in most cases
Instead of buying someone a product, think about a service they may need.  Do they have kids? Why not design a cute coupon for them to redeem for a night out with you as the babysitter for the kids, FREE OF CHARGE.   If you are good at cleaning, organizing, landscaping, etc. those are also great services to give away.

What way do you always end up overspending around the holidays?

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  1. The last couple year I have been doing good with my holiday shopping.


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