My Love of Frozen Meals on Atkins 40

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So I have to say I never used to be a fan of frozen meals especially when dieting but Atkins has some amazing frozen meals!! There are more than 20 different meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Not only are they more convenient but they are delicious!

The Mexican-Style Chicken and Vegetables has such great flavor and it was very filling.
When I felt like I needed to have pizza since I was sooo tempted, I just enjoyed some Stone Fired Cheese Pizza.

Not only was it so quick to pop these in the microwave and make them, but they were really satisfying!

The Beef Merlot was also delicious and honestly, you can't even tell any of this is diet food. It tastes absolutely phenomenal so mentally it helped me get out of that rut where all I do is dwell on the fact that I have to eat certain healthier foods. Pizza is pizza to me!

When on Atkins 40 I have to make sure to drink lots of water but since I've been doing it for a while now it's not hard to get the recommended servings! Next week I'll talk more about Atkins on the go!

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Atkins.

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