My Favorite Life Hacks// From the Book Life Hacks by Keith Bradford

Thursday, November 6, 2014

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I love reading books that offer advice and guidance for all kinds of life topics.  So Keith Bradford's book LifeHacks: Any Procedure or Action That Solves a Problem, Simplifies a Task, Reduces Frustration, Etc. in One's Everyday Life is right up my alley.  It offers simple solutions to everyday problems.   Whether it's a daily frustration, a major problem, or a life-threatening scenario, this book is full of great tips and shortcuts. 

If you haven't heard of Keith Bradford before he is the owner of the website   This book is an easy read and it's very fun to read. You will want to share tips with everyone!   The book is divided into categories like Health, Home, and Food. 

Some of my favorite Life Hacks from this book are:

//You can use AAA batteries if you run out of AA.  Just fill in the gap on the positive side with a small ball of tinfoil.

//Keep your phone charger from bending and breaking by sliding it into a spring from an old pen.

//Make an iPhone speaker by cutting a slot into an empty toilet paper roll and inserting the phone.

//When moving or redecorating take a photo of the back of your equipment to remember how everything gets wired and hooked up.

//When you need to stay awake, apples are more effective than caffeine.

//Cleanly slice a cake with waxed unflavored dental floss.

//Drinking 2 cups of water before meals can make you lose an average of four and a half more pounds in 12 weeks.

//The cells in your body react to everything your mind says so negativity can hurt your immune system.

//Pineapple juice is 5X more effective than cough syrup and it also prevents colds and the flu.

//You can rewire your brain to be happy by recalling 3 things you're grateful for everyday for 21 days!

//By thinking a positive thought every morning, you can actually psychologically trick yourself into being a happier person.

//When you are nauseus in the car, tilt your head from side to side and it should go away.

//If you have a runny or stuffy nose push your tongue against the top of your mouth and push a finger between your eyebrows for about 20 seconds.  It will clear it!

//When you get a call from a telemarketer, answer, press 9 and it will automatically add you to their Do Not Call list.

//The gel from an Advil Liquid Gel will heal a pimple almost immediately.

//Put two Redbox movies in your cart then remove on and go to checkout.  An offer will come through for a discount on a second movie.

//When going over 40mph it's more economical to have the windows up, and under 40mph it's more economical to have them down.

//If you're swimming toward the shore and find yourself moving out, you're caught in a riptide. Swim parallel to the shore to escape it.

//If you're ever attacked by a brown bear, play dead. If it's a black bear, punch it in the nose and it will run away.

//Bees can't see you if you aren't moving.

//Need a ride home on New Year's Eve? Call AAA insurance. They will pick anyone up and drive them home free of charge.

Aren't those interesting?    Some of them I've heard before and some are totally new to me! Seriously, get this book! It's not only a great coffee table read but it makes a fantastic gift for literally ANYONE!

What's your favorite Life Hack?

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