8 Stores with Everything You Need for Fall Entertaining at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Since there are SO many amazing deals and shops to be found at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster, I decided to compile a list of 8 things you need to get in order to be a great entertainer this Fall.   The best part is, you can get them all in one place!

1//Preferred Shopper Card 
Because if you have one, you can take advantage of even more exclusive discounts and some of the major stores there! You can sign up for the one I have at the management office of Rockvale Outlets Lancaster or any participating store. You can also sign up here. You can see participating stores and register for your card and then just pick it up in person! 

And if you aren't local, check with the main office of your favorite outlets to see if they offer something similar! 
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2// Proper Pet Accessories
For those of you with pets, it's always nice to keep them off the furniture when guests are over. So what better than to get them a pet bed, like the ones at the Orvis Outlet.  It also looks a lot better than having a bunched up ball of blankets on the floor that your dog sleeps on in the middle of Thanksgiving Dinner. 
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3//Necessary Cooking Utensils
Nothing is more terrifying than starting to cook a recipe hours before your guests arrive and realizing you don't have the right pots, pans, or utensils that you need!   Make sure you think ahead and check out the selection of Kitchen goodies at the QVC Outlet

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4// Beautiful Seating for your Guests
Wouldn't you love to have beautiful pillows on the couches to welcome your guests to have a seat?  Exactly!   There are so many awesome home decor items at Kirkland's Home

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5// Fabulous Decor
I don't know about you but when I'm a guest in someone's home especially around the holidays, I always love to admire how they decorate their house.  Well you're in luck because one of my favorite stores is at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster. Pottery Barn Outlet is full of gorgeous home decor and even plates and other dining needs so that you can impress your guests and take advantage of outlet sales and prices. 
Photo via Yelp
6// Quality Utensils
The cheaper lower quality utensils may be okay for daily use in your home, but when you have people over for a meal, you need to have quality forks, spoons, and knives.  Reading China & Glass has plenty of choices for you to look at and there are always great specials going on! 

7//For Storage for Leftovers
Whether you keep them to yourself or send leftovers home with your guests, you need quality food storage containers, and Corningware Corelle Revere Stores are just the place!

8// Wine
No party is complete without a glass of wine for your guests.   So while you're at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster, be sure to swing by the Nissley Wine Shop and grab a few bottles. 

What stores would you be checking out first?

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